What are SVG Files for Cricut?

In the world of Cricut, SVG files are a household name. You have probably seen the term on Pinterest, YouTube, or Cricut-based Facebook groups and wondered, “What are SVG files for Cricut?”

SVG is an acronym for Scalable Vector Graphics, a rather technical phrase that means a clear, clean image ready for use. SVG files are perfect for the web, and you can scale them to whatever size you want without losing the resolution or quality of the image.

Have you ever downloaded an image from the internet and printed it on paper only to get a blurry and disproportional picture? That phenomenon is known as pixelation and ruins the quality of graphics when printed on surfaces. When you upload an SVG file to the Design Space, you don’t need to “clean it” or worry about getting a pixelated image or pattern on the end product.

The Benefits of Using SVG Files for Cricut

You’ll find free SVG files for Cricut on the web and others for a small fee on sites like Etsy. Moreover, you can turn your JPEG and PNG files into SVG files for your Cricut crafts. But why use SVG files for Cricut?

Below are the benefits of using SVG files in your Cricut projects:

You Can Change an SVG File to Fit Any Size

Cricut projects range from small vinyl stickers on a phone or mug to meter-wide designs on wall art and doormats. The vector graphics on an SVG file are mathematically balanced to give you a clear and high-quality image regardless of the printable size.

SVG Files are Ready to Use

There is several photo editing software on the market, free and premium ones like Adobe Photoshop. The essence of this software is to ‘clean ‘a raw image and create ready-to-use art. You need to remove white spaces in the background and balance the dimensions to avoid printing an elongated photo.

Easy to Edit

Do you need to add or remove something from a graphic? There is no easier way to do it than on an SVG file. Design Space makes it even easier to alter an SVG file with a few clicks and highlights; you can add color, shadows, or delete a text.

How Do I Upload SVG Files to Cricut Design Space?

After you download an SVG file, do you want to upload them to Cricut? Follow these steps to upload the files to the Cricut Design Space:

  1. Open your browser and go to www.cricut.com
  2. Enter your credentials to log in to Design Space
  3. Tap on New Project
  4. Click on Upload, situated on the bottom left corner of the Design Space menu
  5. The Upload section opens up a new menu with Image and Pattern Fill. Click on Upload Image
  6. Select Browse to explore the SVG files on your device
  7. Upload your chosen image. Your recent uploads will appear on the screen and are ready for use on a project
  8. Click on Insert Image to add the image to your project

Where Can I Find SVG Files for Cricut?

There are several free sites where you can download free SVG files for Cricut. Here’s is a list of the best spots to find free SVG files:

  • Creative Fabrica
  • Design Bundles
  • LoveSVG
  • Dreaming Tree
  • Bird’s SVGs
  • Craftables
  • Free SVG Designs
  • Love Paper Crafts
  • Jennifer Maker
  • Craft Bundles

When making Cricut crafts for sale, you need to be careful with copyright infringement and licensing. You can still find quality SVG files for free, but get SVG files at a fee if you want sure shots without ownership battles. Here are sites to purchase high-quality SVG files for use in business designs:

  • Etsy
  • Cricut Access
  • Design Bundles(Premium section)
  • Creative Market
  • Creative Fabrica( Membership section)
  • Hungry JPEG

Can I Turn a Basic Image Into an SVG File for Cricut?

Do you have an adorable pet or personal picture you would like to turn into an SVG file? You can turn basic images into SVG files for Cricut using several programs. The most popular programs among DIYers are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Inkscape.

However, these vector graphics editors need technical know-how, and sometimes, you may lose the scalability of some features for raster images. A raster image is an image you get from scanning or photographing an object.

Cricut is for Everyone 

There you have it, Cricut users’ SVG files are clean, clear, and scalable files ready to use. You only need to upload them to the Design Space and create your creative projects.

Several sites offer free SVG files you can use for home projects. You may want to buy premium SVG files from sites like Etsy for salable designs to avoid copyright infringement and trademark woes. However, regardless of money or skill, Cricut’s features are so easy to use that anyone, including you, can operate them.

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