The Best 8 Unicorn Silhouette SVGs

What’s made of sugar, but no spice, and everything nice? Unicorns, of course! From rainbows to glitter to long flowy hair, unicorns are attention grabbers. They are just one of those things that will always be around no matter what. Kids love them; teens love them; even adults show a likeness to them. They definitely add a certain “SPARKLE” to any design, that’s for sure.

Because of their popularity and cuteness, below is a list of the eight best unicorn silhouette SVGs online. Each SVG is a downloadable file that is layered and ready to cut. Some are free, while others are a few bucks, but absolutely worth it. If you’re worried about licensing, don’t worry, this list comes with a variety of free and affordable licensing agreements.

Are you a believer? Do you need to add a little more sparkle to your life? Pick your favorite unicorn design from the list below or even all of them, and start crafting. 

1. MsStudio – Unicorn Head SVG

Looking for a design that says, “I’m the head unicorn in charge,” then this is the one for you. This SVG is a classic, yet sassy take on the unicorn. The soft colors and Rapunzel-like hair make this unicorn stand out all on its own. You can add several other elements to create your own unique design or leave it as is. 

2. Ruffles and Rainboots – Believer in Unicorns SVG


We already know you’re a believer in unicorns; otherwise, you wouldn’t be browsing this list. Whether you put this design on a t-shirt for your little one, a tank for yourself, or a coffee mug for a friend, it’s sure to make everyone want one. This design is sure to make everyone a unicorn believer or at the very least a unicorn lover. The best part is it’s FREE, but for personal use only. 

3. Printable Cuttable Creatables – Believe in Magic Unicorn SVG

© Printable Cuttable Creatables

Rainbows, sparkle, and magic are all the things you need for an awesome unicorn design piece. This FREE SVG file would make the perfect wall decal for any little princess or even a birthday card for a friend. For an added touch, use iridescent/holographic vinyl to give it that special touch. You could even use glitter cardstock to really make this design sparkle and shine. This SVG file includes a variety of options. It will work for almost any paper, vinyl, or HTV material. 

4. Caluya Design – Free Halloween Unicorn Face SVG

© Caluya Design

Who says unicorns don’t like a little spooky mixed with their glitter! This witchin’ unicorn design is the perfect addition to any festive Halloween outfit you’ll put together. Try it on a pumpkin orange shirt to get into the holiday spirit. You could even do lime green if you’re really feeling the holiday spirit. You can start crafting today with this FREE SVG design. 

5. Creative Vector Studio – I’m Not Lazy, I’m Conserving Energy Unicorn SVG

© Creative Vector Studio

We’ve all been there; why not put it on a shirt, a mug, or whatever your crafty heart desires! This adorable yet relatable design is the perfect addition to your SVG collection. Creating a t-shirt collection using this design will sell like hotcakes. This would also make an adorable sticker everyone will surely go crazy for. Once you purchase this design (don’t worry, it’s only a few bucks), you get small business commercial licensing usage. 

6. DigitalPixelPH – Dabbing Unicorn SVG

© DigitalPixelPH

All the kids are still doing this, right? Well, even if they aren’t, this “dabbing” cutie will surely win the hearts of any unicorn-loving fans. With all the attitude and rainbow to match, the only thing missing from this unicorn design is some sparkle. This is a design everyone is sure to love!

7. Diva Den Designs – Nope Unicorn SVG

© Diva Den Designs

This is the most relatable unicorn design there is. We’ve all had days where we just “literally can’t” with anything. This “NOPE” design is perfect for those days. How can anyone resist such cuteness? It’s impossible! This design is sure to be a bestseller or just a big hit all around.   

8. Creative Vector Studio – Unicorn Not Today SVG

© Diva Den Designs

A unicorn in a donut, what’s not to love. This SVG design is the perfect fit when you want to send a stern message with a splash of cuteness. Great for any t-shirt, tumbler, or other accessories. This SVG comes layered and ready to cut. With this cute sleeping unicorn design, you can create the cutest gifts or finished products to sell. 

Wrapping Up

Although this list is a short one, we filled it with enough glitter and sass to get you through a craft session. Hopefully, this list quenched your thirst for all things unicorn. Be sure to share with us all the cutesy, sparkly rainbow projects you make with these fabulous designs.

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