Mason Jar Cricut Ideas We Love

Mason jar Cricut ideas are in abundance online, but not all of them yield high-quality or usable products like the ones below. Some important questions to keep in mind when choosing your DIY mason jar project are as follow:

  • Does this need to be washable?
  • Will I be eating or drinking out of this?
  • What size mason jars do I currently have too many of?
  • What environment will I be storing the final product in (outside, bathroom, etc.)?
  • Is this a gift?

In the mason jar ideas that follow, you’ll find useful tips for painting your own jars, making sure the paint doesn’t chip, creating a “frosted glass” look with paint, and what Cricut materials work the best with glass.

“Bless You” Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

This project from Day To Day Adventures is the perfect upcycle for a pasta or pickle jar. The instructions guide you through painting your jars so they won’t chip, cutting your lid, so it dispenses tissue, and it even has a link to an affordable SVG file if you’re stuck on what image to put on your new tissue dispenser.

Mason Jar Fairy Nightlight

These solar-powered fairy nightlights from Country Chic Cottage’s blog are a fantastic addition to any outside space. The fairy decals are gorgeous and ethereal but can totally be changed to suit your taste if fairy imagery is not what you’re looking for. This how-to even comes with a free unicorn SVG file.

Chalk Paint Mason Jar Vases

This is a project that works best with 16oz or larger jars and will add a touch of cottage-core to any room. Merry About Town shows you every step of the process in this how-to, from painting your jars to putting your designs on Cricut Design Space. That means it’s a beginner-friendly project with absolutely stunning results.

Check out these spring butterfly vases if you’re looking for something just as cute, but without the chalk paint:  

Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Mason Jar piggy banks are a great way to store loose change, ticket stubs, receipts, or any other small item that’s easy to lose. This tutorial from Randi at Dukes and Duchesses is a super simple example of a mason jar piggy bank using your Cricut to create a stencil for painting. But the options are limitless when it comes to your choice of designs and paint styles.

You can also try making salt and pepper shakers or kitchen storage canisters if you tweak the size of your jars and the type of lids you use.

DIY “Farmhouse” Mason Jar Wall Décor

This project from Jennifer Maker is a creative way to add farmhouse chic to your home without breaking the bank. Each mason jar wall decoration can be used however you like, but Jennifer suggests holding flowers or succulents or even filling the jars with twinkly lights.

With some ingenuity, you can turn this project into a custom, wall-mounted bottle opener like this one: 

Mason Jar Cookie Jars

Youtube crafter and content creator Bethadilly has a tutorial on this “beginner-friendly craft” using your Cricut. The results are some adorable cookie jars that can be used as gifts or as storage for your favorite baked goods. This video shows you a Christmas design, but the materials can easily be changed to fit any theme.

Alternatively, try making animal motif jars for storing pet treats like this one:  

Mason Jar Drink Tumblers with Faux Ice Cubes

These mason Jar Tumblers are the perfect addition to a summer barbecue or cocktail party. With some creativity in Cricut Design Space, you can turn them into tumblers that fit with any theme.

This tutorial from Youtuber Raes Turquoise Turtle shows you how to spraypaint your jars, make DIY tumbler lids, and how to assemble the final product.

For an ever simpler mason jar tumbler project using your Cricut, check out these from Pinterest user, Pretty Providence: 

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

The mason jar soap dispenser is one of the best ways to re-use mason jars, and all you really need is an old jar and a soap dispensing lid that fits onto it. These lids can be found easily online or at your local craft store for really affordable prices.  

This how-to from Crafts By Amanda shows you how you decorate your mason jar soap dispenser using your Cricut. It comes with a “wash your hands” SVG file if you want to keep it simple, but the tutorial can easily be adapted to fit any bathroom or kitchen style.

Final Thoughts

Instead of buying new mason jars online or at the supermarket, try saving up old pickle and pasta sauce jars for re-use. Garage sales and second-hand stores are also great places to look for used mason jars of any size while reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

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