How to Unweld on a Cricut

To weld and unweld is the problem for every Cricut user. The Cricut machine makes crafting easier for DIYers across the world. However, the machine is only as smart as the operator. 

When designing text or images, the Cricut will cut them as individual items unless you take the time to weld them together. Welding things together removes the inner cutting lines making it a solid item.

The thing is, before you weld something, you should triple-check that it is perfect. There is no unweld button. Luckily, there is a trick to get around this.

Weld in Cricut

Welding an image or text takes all the separate units and makes them one item. This makes it, so the Cricut cuts one item instead of pieces.

How to Weld Text

When creating text for the Cricut, you need to choose your font, text color, and so on. You may also want to move the letters closer together or farther apart. For example, if you are making something with the word ‘Memories’ in a script font, you may want to make it in one cut instead of many pieces.

Now the font might give the ‘M’ lots of curls. If you leave the rest of the letters too close to the ‘M,’ the whole thing will become illegible. You will need to move the letters around until you like how the word looks. When you like the way ‘Memories’ looks, select the whole word and click the weld button at the bottom of the Layers menu.

How to Weld an Image

The weld button also works to take multiple shapes and create something new. For example, say you want to make a house. You’ll need a square and a triangle. Instead of cutting out two different shapes and then putting them together, the weld button puts it together for you.

Once you have situated your shapes, click the weld button at the bottom of the Layers menu. This will remove all of the inner cutting lines, making it one solid piece. 

How to Unweld in Cricut

Now, no one is perfect. You are bound to make a mistake at some point and will need to unweld an image or text. The problem is there is no unweld button. So what does that mean? Are you doomed to start over every time you find an issue? Not exactly.

If you find the mistake quickly enough, you can use the undo button to save yourself a lot of time. To undo, click the button in the top left-hand corner of the designing program. Your other option to undo is the keyboard shortcut; if you have a Mac, press Command + Z. If you have a PC, press Ctrl + Z.

The biggest issue is that you need to use the undo button or shortcut immediately after welding. If you weld a text or an image, make a whole slew of other changes and then notice a problem, it is too late. Bummer, right? This is why double-checking everything is right before and immediately after welding is a good idea.

Common Problems When Welding Text

You will run into your own set of problems when designing something and welding it. The list of issues could go on and on. However, there are two most common problems when welding text, but we have some tricks to fix them.

Letters Too Far Apart

Capital letters in a script font often have extra curls and flourishes. This can make it necessary to put a little extra space between the first letter and the second. However, you may sometimes get overzealous and put too much space.

The only trick to fix this is to notice it quickly. Use the undo button or keyboard shortcut to unweld the text and fix the spacing.

Letters Too Close Together

In your efforts to make the script font look seamless, you may end up putting your words too close together. When this happens, and you weld the text together, some letters may get filled in where they should not be.

You can fix this by using undo to unweld the text and adjusting the spacing. However, if you want the text close together, you can make it bigger. To do this, you need to unweld the text, select all the letters, and make them bigger.

When you have made the letters bigger, you can hit weld again. This should fix the color filling problem and allow you to change the text to whatever size you want.

Undo Is Your Friend

Welding allows you to have one large cut instead of many tiny pieces. Unfortunately, there is no unweld button in the Cricut Design Space. But hope is not lost. So long as you notice the problem early, you can use the undo function to unweld and fix any problems in your design.

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