Gifts for Cricut Users

If you have a crafty person in your life who uses a Cricut, it can be even harder to figure out what to get them. Gift-giving, in general, can put a lot of pressure on you. You want to give the person something they will like and actually use. You don’t want something that ends up in the back of their craft drawer or, even worse, returned.

But don’t stress out—we’ve got a few gift ideas for the Cricut user in your life. These ideas aren’t difficult to shop for. And the best part? You won’t have to guess their size. We’ve got tons of options that are guaranteed to make them smile (even if they already have one). It’s a win-win for the game of gift-giving. 

Best Gift Ideas for Cricut Users

Cutting Mats

Cutting mats are an essential item for every Cricut user. Mats may last a while, but they will eventually wear out. Your Cricut user will need new mats. Your crafty friend may also need different mats for different crafts.

Each mat has a different grip strength to hold the materials, so they’re each used for a different purpose. Cricut users need the right mat for their project so they don’t rip their paper or snag materials.

  • The blue mat is the light grip mat and is good for general-purpose crafting.
  • The green mat is the medium grip mat and is good for thicker materials like cardstock.
  • The purple mat is the strong grip mat and is good for projects with heavier materials like vinyl.
  • The pink mat is the extra-strong grip mat and is good for projects with delicate materials like tissue paper.

You can buy mats individually or in a pack. If you’re not sure which mat to get, the Cricut website has a Mat Guide that can help you choose the right one for your project. When you are looking for a new mat, make sure to get the right size for your Cricut machine. The mats come in two sizes, 12×12 and 6×12.

  • If you have the Cricut Explore, you will need the 12×12 mats.
  • If you have the Cricut Maker, you will need the 6×12 mats.

Cricut Classes

If your crafty person is new to the machine in general, buy them a set of Cricut classes. It’s also a good idea to buy classes if your friend has recently bought a newer Cricut model. While there are some similarities, they’re basically starting from scratch.

The classes will help the Cricut user learn how to use the machine, use the design program, and help them explore the type of projects they can do. Classes for a newer machine would help the user get the hang of the new features on their machine.

Cricut Tools and Blades

This may seem like a silly idea. Your Cricut user should already have tools and blades. Why do they need more? The thing is that tools can get lost or misplaced. It isn’t a bad idea to have spares on hand.

It also isn’t a bad idea to have extra blades on hand. The blades will get dull over time and need to be replaced. Extra blades allow your Cricut user to immediately replace the old one and keep going with his or her projects.

Cricut Mug Press

This is a very specific tool that is very useful to a Cricut user if they make personalized mugs. The Mug Press allows your crafty friend to create professional-looking mugs in moments. Combined with Infusible Ink and the Mug Press, the design becomes permanent. Even the dishwasher will not be able to take the design off.

Cricut Brayer

This is another tool created for a very specific job. The Brayer helps Cricut users apply fabric to the mat. Getting the fabric on the mat correctly is important, so the blade is able to cut easily and help prevent snags or other issues. The Brayer can also be helpful when applying iron-on and vinyl.

The Brayer usually comes with tweezers. These tweezers allow the user to remove fabric from the cutting mat so that oils from their hands don’t ruin the stickiness of the mat.

Weeding Scrap Collector

There are a lot of different weeding scrap collectors. Some are balls or some other shape that can suction down to the table. Others are a ring the user can wear while they are working.

This is really helpful to any avid Cricut user. The crafter can put scrap pieces in the ring and continue working while keeping their workspace clean, avoiding frequent trips to the garbage, and freeing up their hands for crafting. It could also help prevent users from mistaking a tiny piece of their design as scrap.

Adhesive Vinyl

Cricut users, especially avid users, can never have enough vinyl. There are so many different types and colors. This might be something you should research a bit before buying. Try to find out what type of vinyl your Cricut user likes or needs. 

Do a bit of shopping around to make sure you get the best price. You may also want to keep an eye out for sales.

Iron-On Vinyl

You may wonder why iron-on vinyl is a separate idea from adhesive vinyl. This is primarily due to the fact that these are two different things. If your crafter likes to make personalized shirts, towels, pillows, etc., they can’t use adhesive vinyl. It just wouldn’t work.

The same thing applies to iron-on vinyl as with adhesive vinyl. You should probably do some research before buying. You could also find out what brand your Cricut user has been using, what they need, or a splurge purchase they would love.

Cricut Tool Organizer

Anything to help your crafter keep his or her stuff organized is most likely welcome. This is especially true when it comes to the small tools used for Cricut projects. The weeding tool, spatula, snips, tweezers, Brayer, and extra blades are all extremely small. Help your crafter keep things together by buying an organizer for all the small stuff.

Fine Point Pen Set

A fine point pen set is perfect for putting the finishing touches on a project. Cricut users often use these to create cards, gift tags, place cards, etc. This is another item that is good to have extras. If the pen runs out, it’s better to have a spare on hand instead of stopping the project while waiting to get a new pen.

Cricut Easypress Mini

This tool is quite useful if your crafter plans to make anything with iron-on vinyl. There is a full-sized version, but most craft rooms aren’t very big. It might be better to try and save on space than get the biggest tool.

Cricut crafters can use the Easypress Mini to make shoes, hair bows, shirts, pillows, signs, and a lot more. The best part is this tool doesn’t require any heat. It just uses pressure to adhere the vinyl to the fabric.

Cricut Infusible Ink

The Cricut Infusible Ink can be used for shirts, coasters, mugs, and a whole lot more. If you plan on buying Infusible Ink, you should see what your crafter uses or what they might need. You can get transfer sheets in all sorts of colors and patterns. They even come in different sizes. There are also Infusible Ink pens.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some transfer sheets and pens. Having both really expands your Cricut user’s project horizon.

Product Blanks

If nothing has caught your eye just yet, product blanks are always a good idea. Your crafter is always in need of new canvases. These could be plain mugs, shirts, fabric, key chains, cardstock paper, or anything else that your crafter uses to finish a project.

You could easily pop into the craft room and see what your Cricut user is low on. You could also purchase blanks to replace the ones they just used.

Free Font and Graphics Subscription

Cricut users are always on the lookout for new fonts or graphics. With some subscriptions, you can pay for a whole year or just by the month.

One subscription you can do is Cricut Access. This program is built into the Cricut Design Space software that comes with the Cricut machine. If your crafter plans to sell the items they create it’s a good idea to get them a subscription that allows commercial use.

Cricut Foil

Foil allows Cricut users to add a bit of shine to any project they make. If your Cricut user hasn’t explored the wonderful world of foil then get them a starter kit. The kit usually comes with three different blades and three different colors of foil transfer sheets.

If your crafter already uses foil then you could get them new foil transfer sheets. The foil transfer sheets come in all sorts of colors and a couple of different sizes. It wouldn’t hurt to get your Cricut user several different colors and sizes. You can do that by buying a transfer sheet pack or picking and choosing things individually.

Bright Pad

Crafters often struggle with lighting. The wrong lighting can create unhelpful shadows and make colors look strange. It is also easy to miss something if the lighting isn’t right. The Bright Pad is literally a pad or mat that can light up. This gives your Cricut user amazing lighting right where they need/want it most.

This is an item that you should shop around for before purchasing. There are a lot of different types, and you might find different deals from store to store. Choose which Bright Pad you want first, and then price them out in-store and online. 

New Cricut Machine

Nothing’s inspired you yet? Look into buying your crafter a new Cricut machine. The machines don’t last forever, and the newer models can do a lot the older machines can’t.

For crafters with an older model, they might really love receiving an updated version. The newer models come with software called Cricut Design Space. The program allows users to design everything before cutting it out on the machine. This typically saves your crafter a lot of time, materials, and money.

If your crafter is not a Cricut user yet, but you think they would like one, then give it a whirl.

Bag or Carrying Case for the Machine

The Cricut machine is actually quite easy to move from place to place. It isn’t uncommon for crafters to take the machine to different places as they work on projects. This could be great for the Cricut user but could spell disaster with all the bits and bobs that accompany the machine.

If your Cricut user likes to take the machine to different places, consider getting them a cute bag or case to keep everything together. The bag or container makes transporting the machine and all its doodads so much easier. It also helps prevent things from getting lost.

Cricut User Gifts—Wrapping Up

Cricut users rarely use their machines for just one project or one type of project. Crafters don’t limit themselves to only adhesive vinyl or fabric. The whole purpose of the Cricut machine is to allow crafters to use the machine for a lot of different materials and projects. A Cricut user is only limited by the capabilities of his or her machine and his or her imagination when it comes to what they can make.

But as Cricut users make projects, that means they use up materials and tools will wear out. When you have a crafty person in your life, it can be hard to know what gifts you should get them. They usually seem to have everything already.

Don’t be afraid to buy your crafter new materials or maybe something for the Cricut they haven’t tried yet. There are a lot of different gifts you can get the Cricut users in your life. You just might have to venture into the craft room to figure out what you are going to buy.

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