Cricut Workspace Ideas & Inspiration

A Cricut is a god-send for many artists and at-home crafters. There is a lot to include if you are not familiar with Cricut tools, but the most popular tool is a combination of a printer and a cutting machine. It’s the ultimate DIY tool for everything from personalized T-shirts to farmhouse signs.

If you are a crafter or are new to it all, there is something to be said about how your environment affects your creativity. That being said, here is a collection of some of the most fun, creative ideas and inspiration for your Cricut workspace.

A Quick Introduction to Cricut

If you aren’t familiar with Cricut or are just looking into an upgrade, the compact machine is a printer and a cutting machine in one. Not only can it help you make cute little laptop stickers or sew-on badges, but it can cut through thick materials that would make your craft room scissors shiver, including wood.

Cricut machines currently on the market include the Cricut Joy, the Cricut Explore Air, and the Cricut Maker. Your Cricut purchase comes with a free app called Design Space. Design Space is Cricut’s software used to create new designs. You can even set it up using BlueTooth so you can send designs straight from your phone to your Cricut. 

If you’re reading this in search of inspiration and are still wondering which Cricut machine to buy, here’s a video from DIY Mommy to help you with that decision. 

Which Cricut Should I Buy?

Creating the Ideal Workspace to Invite Inspiration

Without further ado, whether you are an avid crafter or a newbie, here is your guide to creating or revamping an awesome workspace for all your creative projects using Cricut.

1. Finding Your Ideal Work Surface

Naturally creative people tend to find ways to create, no matter the environment. Still, the right environment helps, especially if children are around and you need your work surface to stay organized. Everybody has their preferences, but I find it is not particularly conducive to create if you’re working on the floor; that’s why the best Cricut workspace is going to start with your desk.

Design Space allows you to use your phone or computer and create using your Cricut. This is why it makes sense as to why so many crafters like to set up their workspace to have their computer and Cricut machine together, making designing and transferring those designs a seamless process. When it comes to making a desk space for your Cricut workspace, you’ve got a couple of options. 

Buy a Desk That Matches Your Style

If you’re short on time or you’re not much of a DIY-er when it comes to building furniture, your best bet is to buy a desk as is. It’s helpful, of course, to look for something that fits the room’s overall style, whether you want a space that pops with color or that remains neutral.

Here are a couple of Pinterest ideas. 

Farmhouse Desk from For The Home

Corner Desk from Etsy

Crafting Shelf Desk from Real Roms

Makeshift “Desk” Using Other Materials 

If you don’t necessarily want to purchase a desk and you have some materials on hand that you think would work adequately to give you a surface to work on, you could always create a “makeshift” desk. The main thing to remember is that it needs to be sturdy enough for your Cricut and your computer or whatever you’re creating. Other than that, let your imagination take you where it may, and enjoy building a surface for your craft room.

Check out these DIY crate desk ideas for inspiration. 

$100 Crate Desk from A Wild Bloom

Crate Desk  from Home Talk

DIY desk 

If it comes down to it and you’re the type who likes to DIY everything, you could spend the time to build your craft desk, and here are a few links on how to do just that. 

Build A Craft Desk from Southern Adoornments Decor

This particular desk only apparently cost the builder a little over $100 for hardware and materials (including pine wood). If you or your partner are good with your hands and have the time, a DIY craft desk can be a great way to spend an afternoon together while saving some money. 

If the Build A Craft Desk doesn’t strike your fancy, try a space-saving option like this wall-mounted desk. 

DIY & Budget-Friendly Wall Desk from Daniela Ngounou

2. Lighting

One aspect of a room that changes the whole feel is the amount of light in the space. Most crafters enjoy ample light to choose the perfect colors or textures of their crafts, but do you like natural or artificial light? Depending on your preference, the following options may help you achieve the feel you desire in your crafting space. 

Floral Curtains from Etsy

Add floral curtains that are bright, colorful, and playful to match your space. Of course, if you want something a bit more neutral, you could always order bedroom curtains that are a little thicker and can block out sunlight when you need to get rid of the afternoon glare. 

Overhead Lamp for Workspace from Closet Factory

Overhead lights can be great for saving space and direct lighting in your workspace. Of course, if you find it too complicated to set up a hanging lamp, you could always check out this simple and budget-friendly DIY Floor Lamp from Sadie Seasongoods.

If you need to take pictures of your crafts for your small business, you may want to invest in a small photo booth and lighting to capture your products adequately. 

3. Maximize Your Space with Organization

In addition to a good work surface and adequate lighting, if you’re going to create a Cricut workspace for yourself, you’ll need some serious organization to store your Circut machine, tools, and material. Organization can aid any crafter regardless of the size of your crafting space. If you need to store your crafting gear when not in use, there are organizational techniques, or if you have a whole room dedicated to crafting, first, I’m jealous; second, you will still need to organize your goods.

We have a few organizational ideas for you, from simple shelving to clever tips and tricks. 

Cricut Storage Cart from Pineapple Paper Co.

Vinyl Storage from Michaels

Peg Board by DIY Just Cuz

4. Decorate to Inspire

Ask yourself, “What inspires me to create?” Maybe it’s a value you believe in or someone in your life who motivates you to begin crafting in the first place. Surround yourself with images, sayings, and colors that inspire you. If you operate a small business selling your crafts, you may choose to showcase your items, including any “retired” products showing your crafting progress. 

Check out these workspace decor ideas to see what best suits you. 

Motivational Quotes/Posters from Chicfetti

Kid-Friendly Photo Frame from Fat Brain Toys

Functional Decor from Jennifer Maker

Wrapping Up

Crafting is therapy, and your workspace can invite inspiration or drive it away. Don’t dampen your motivation but find ways to pull it out when you need it most. Implementing an idea or two can really change the course of your Cricut crafting experience. Happy DIYing!

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