Cricut Wedding Gift Ideas

Someone you love is getting married, and you want to make them a personalized gift. However, you don’t want to make the same thing you’ve seen at every wedding for the last three years. Like fashion and home decor, wedding gifts seem to have a season that they come and go in. 

Here are some wedding gift ideas you can make with a Cricut for the next wedding you attend. Some gift ideas are more conventional, and some are unique, but all projects are easily customizable for the happy couple.

Ring Dish

Rings have been exchanged and look beautiful on fingers, but what about when they need to be removed? Give the newlyweds a personalized ring dish or a set where they can keep their rings safe when not wearing them. This example is monogrammed, but you could also use first or last names, the wedding date, a cute word or phrase such as “love.” You could also use the classic Mr. and Mrs., Mr. and Mr., Mrs. and Mrs., etc.

Slate Coasters

This gift is a little more traditional. Similar to decorated tiles, smaller slate tiles can be personalized and given as coasters. Start by picking the shape of the coasters and the number you want to include in the set. Then, have fun creating a design to put on them.

You can go with something simple or create something more ornate. You also have the option to use or forgo the classic name and date design for an image that captures the couple’s lifestyle or interests.

Throw Pillows

One gift idea is throw pillows if you have a Cricut Easy Press. Select a pillow cover that matches the couple’s personality. If you want to make it extra special, find a pattern or create an element that matches the couple’s wedding theme. This would work great with phrases such as “Johnsons, est. 2022” or “I Love Us.”

A fun option might be giving a set of pillows in two different colors with the opposite shade for the text or design – a blue pillow with a red house pressed on and a red pillow with a blue heart.


Another Easy Press project is personalizing a blanket. If you don’t like the idea of giving a knick-knack and what to do something functional, blankets are an amazing way to go. The new couple can use them for movie night or if the power goes out, and you can still add a personal touch that shows you thought about who the recipients are. 

This tutorial shows how to use infusible ink on a 100% polyester blanket. The design looks great, and the blanket portrays its coziness.

Mugs & Glasses

Mugs are another practical gift that can be highly personalized. This route allows you to use a Mug Press or cut and stick vinyl in an endless possibility of ways. Here is an example of matching mugs that say Mr. and Mrs.

Like many other craft ideas, common designs that would work well for a wedding gift include names, “Wilsons est. 2022,” or images of lips and a mustache. You can also put photos on mugs if you want to use the couple’s pictures. Be sure to also check our Cricut wine glass ideas for more inspiration.


A unique gift idea is a personalized ornament. You can give this gift any time of the year; however, it is especially nice near the holidays. First-year Christmas ornaments are always special. If you make one as a gift, you can easily add a name to make it more memorable.

This gift might not be seen or used as often as others, but every time it is pulled out, it will bring with it a flood of memories about the couple’s first Christmas and that special time together. This is a tutorial on making engraved ornaments with a Cricut Maker. 

Wall Hanging Boards

Wall hanging boards are an idea that has existed for a long time in many designs. While the idea is not new, its execution is constantly being updated to match current design styles. Rectangles are the most common shape, though circles have made quite the impact recently. Other shapes are always an option as well. 

You can also choose whether to stain or paint the wood, color block the sign, or paint and stain. In addition to all these choices, the actual design is to consider.

Last names over the first letter (“Smith,” overlaid on an “S”) or with “Established 2022” are the most common, but there are many different possibilities. If you want to use a less common phrase, here are a few other ideas to get you started. 

  • “This is Us” 
  • “Welcome to our Home”
  • “Always and Forever”
  • “This is our Happy Place”
  • “and so together they built a home they loved”
  • “Happiness is Homemade”

This project can also be accomplished using floating frames or an old window frame instead of a board. It will archive a different look while using the same concept and design.


A keyholder is similar to the wall hanging boards, but it adds a practical purpose. It’s also a bit more distinctive. These can be made small and simple, possibly with a little shelf or a sign with hooks along the bottom. You may also want to include a spot for a dog leash if the couple has a fur baby. 

Many designs from the wall hanging boards work for keyholders, though smaller keyholders tend to have simpler designs. Having a purpose can add a lot to a board with a name on it, so don’t be afraid to go simple and just add the couple’s last name.

Now, Create!

Remember – if you can think it, you can create it. Sometimes the hardest part of crafting is coming up with an idea. Take some time to brainstorm, and let these ideas and your imagination go. You can adapt and customize your ideas to create the perfect gift. As you create something for the people you care for, the love will be felt by those you give the gift to.

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