Cricut Picture Frame Ideas

Picture frames are one of the most popular gift ideas. They’re the perfect way to relive moments in our lives, such as a baby’s first steps, an engagement, graduation, and family fun.

With hundreds of DIY enthusiasts and Cricut crafters on YouTube and Pinterest, you can never run out of ideas. Explore these Cricut picture frame ideas from your fellow creatives and see which one will be your next project. You can impress a loved one or even make money selling these frames.

“I Choose You”

Quotes expressing love to your friends and family are some of the best acts of service you can do for them. A photo accompanied by beautiful words from the heart can build personal relationships. Cricut designs are also a perfect way for those who find it hard to describe their emotions.

This “I Choose You” picture frame from Personal Creations is an excellent inspiration for your next project. You can write and share a beautifully crafted message about what the other person means to you next to their picture. Isn’t it an excellent birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Valentine’s Day gift? 

Smart Vinyl Personalized Frame

Sometimes, you don’t need a string of words to express what a picture means to you. This “I Love Us” picture frame from Bethadilly is creative yet straightforward, with just the words to describe the photo. It is simple even for a beginner, and you can customize it depending on the image you want to frame.

For instance, if you have a photo of you and your grandmother making Christmas cookies when you were little, you can make this frame and include the message “Best Grandma Ever.” Like Bethadilly advises in this tutorial, you need a Smart Vinyl, pair of scissors, weeding tool, scraper, transfer tape, and picture frame from the store.

Personalized Heart-shaped Collage

Imagine having a great day captured in hundreds of iPhone pictures: you want to showcase some, but certainly not all. However, with this personalized heart-shaped collage frame from Etsy, you can display up to 23 photos from your best collection.

Whether they’re wedding photos, vacation snaps, or a collection of your pet’s favorite poses, you can have your best pictures on the wall without flooding your space with multiple frames. The inspiration you need is in this beautiful heart-shaped design. Pick some materials from the local store and start your heart-shaped project to document the happy moments.

Spotify-Themed Frame

Do you have a picture that reminds you of a particular song? Maybe you met your partner in California and want Tupac Shakur’s “California Love” as the message on the picture frame. This tutorial from Megan Elizabeth demonstrates how to make a Spotify-themed frame.

A framed picture should constantly remind you of extraordinary memories between you and your loved one. The best part about this frame is you can make a personalized frame for anyone in your circle. From your grandmother, parents, besties, or siblings, there is a Spotify song for every person in your life.

Farmhouse Style Photo Frame

Do you love vintage and everything olden times? Then this farmhouse-style photo frame from The Shabby Creek Cottage will inspire your creativity for classical designs. It’s easy on the eyes, draws attention to the picture, and is easy to make. The message is simply-designed, and you can choose from free fonts on the Design Space.

This frame is best suited for single pictures such as your baby’s first stand-alone picture, your pet’s favorite smiley picture, or a graduation picture. Young family vacation pictures or pictures taken in the countryside could also make a good candidate for a farmhouse-style picture frame.

Personalized Squad/Friends Collage Frame

One of the best features that make Cricut a good companion for DIYers is the ability to create handwritten or drawn designs on Design Space. Do you have a collection of squad pictures you took with your college friends and want to display them on your dormitory wall? No worries. Cricut lets you create a collage frame with your favorite taglines.

There’re many taglines for group photos and memories, from the overly used “Best Friends For Life,” “Squad Goals,” “Partners in Crime,” and “Good Times + Crazy Friends.” This friend’s collage picture frame from Morning Chores showcases some delightful ideas. 

Keepsake Picture Frame

Sadly, some of the loved ones we shared good times with are no longer with us. Keepsake picture frames are a great way of honoring the memories of those who have passed away. Draw inspiration from this bereavement photo frame from Etsy.

Be original, especially on the personalized message beside the photo. Use the writing section to express how you feel about losing your loved one. You may even choose to upload your loved ones writing as your frame design if they scribbled, “I love you, kid.”

Cricut Designs are Yours to Create

You have the Cricut, our picture frame ideas, and your super creative mind. Take your Cricut and accompanying tools and make your picture frames. You’re about to transform your photo collections into beautiful art pieces; get started today!

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