Cricut Mailbox Ideas

Like a welcome mat or a door wreath, your mailbox can bring a little bit of you into the world and set a tone for your desk or home. Here are 8 different Cricut mailbox ideas for decorating both small paper boxes and your home mailbox.

1. Paper Mailbox On A Stand

These paper mailboxes shared by Paper Glitter Glue not only have a flag but also have a little stand. How cute! Keep this in mind if you are looking for fun 3D projects to make with your Cricut. The stand might not require much more work, but adding it to your mailbox elevates the whole project, letting your mailbox stand out.

2. Opening Valentines Collection Box

This awesome Valentine’s mailbox is designed to look like the blue drive-up collection boxes you can drop your letters off at. Of course, making all of your mailboxes plain and blue would get boring. However, you can decorate these however you want in whatever colors you want.

Rachel from ScrapeaHappy has made hers pink with lots of harts for Valentine. If you are making these with or for multiple children, you could personalize them with names in addition to different colors and decorations.

3. Mini Postal Dropbox

This mailbox is similar to the last one, but it has a simple slit to drop cards through rather than a hinged opening. Amy Sheffer at Pickled Paper Designs has also decorated this box more formally than many of the fun and whimsical designs these other ideas show. Amy mentions using this as part of a valentines gift for a teacher, and the way she has decorated this could also fit in at a wedding reception. By changing the way she has decorated it, this box has gone from an elementary school craft to a classy decoration.

4. Christmas Mailbox

This design shared at Designs By Miss Mandee also has a more traditional mailbox design similar to what people have in front of their homes. However, the Christmas decorations give a new use and purpose to this paper mailbox.

While paper mailboxes are frequently connected with valentines, many children write letters to Santa for Christmas, and this can be a fun way to send them. While we’re thinking outside the box, consider what other holidays or events (such as birthdays) you might want to decorate a mailbox for.

5. Small Metal Mailboxes

This mailbox decorating idea is shared by Jennifer Maker at Every Day Jenny. Use a metal toy mailbox if you want the fun of a small mailbox, but you want something sturdier than paper. Like the paper mailboxes, you can make the decorations with your Cricut. These will hold up better than paper if children will be playing with them or if you want to store them for use next year.

6. Floral Mailbox Numbers

Whether you make mini mailboxes or not, decorating your home mailbox can be fun and add a little bit of yourself to the front of your yard. This might be a small space, but it can have a big impact. At B4 and Afters, Liberty shows how she made yellow floral mailbox numbers to compliment her flowers. While she keeps things simple by just adding her house number, the bright color and the intricacy of the pattern bring new life to this mailbox.

7. Mailbox Lable With Thank You Inside

This mailbox decoration by Lisa Welander at Funstuff Crafts is a stylish and classical address. If you don’t like your boring department store numbers (or they need to be replaced), you can easily create your own mailbox label with your Cricut and some outdoor or permanent vinyl. The work Lisa added to her mailbox isn’t limited to the outside – she added a fun stamp inspired thank you inside the door for the mail carriers who work to deliver her letters.

8. Harry Potter Mailbox Decorations

If you think the small paper mailboxes are fun, and you want to carry that creativity to your regular mailbox, Ivy Lillies provides some inspiration. Using a Cricut and permanent vinal, Ivy updated her mailbox with a custom design that was Harry Potter-inspired.

Bring all of your creativity with you, and don’t limit yourself to the traditional name and number that goes on a mailbox. While this is helpful information to have on your mailbox, how you present it can be done with as much creativity as you can think up (or find online).

You’ve Got Mail

Receiving letters in the mail is always exciting, and a cute mailbox makes it even better. Whether you are using a mailbox for valentines at school, cards at a reception, or actual letters from the post office, there are many practical and fun ways to use a mailbox. Which idea will you try first?

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