Cricut Kitchen Ideas

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where the food that drives your family is prepared and consumed, where your family gathers to share important details about their day or share a drink in celebration. Your kitchen should reflect its social function and beauty as the center of your home.

Using your Cricut, you can make decorations that give your kitchen the personal touch it deserves. Here are a few Cricut kitchen ideas that are both useful and attractive.

Container & Jar Labels

Have you ever put salt in your coffee instead of sugar? It’s an easy mistake to make, especially when groggy in the early morning. To avoid this unfortunate taste bud mixup, create labels for your kitchen containers and jars. 

Andrea Peacock DIY takes us through the process of making labels for kitchen containers and jars. Using adhesive vinyl, you can custom make decals to place on your containers and jars, making the items feel cohesive and luxurious.

Festive Aprons

Baking and cooking can get messy, and there is nothing better to keep your clothes clean than an apron. Personalized aprons allow you to match your kitchen aesthetic with a functional piece; they are also really cute on junior chefs. 

Cany DIY showcases how to create an apron using iron-on vinyl. If your home has more than one chef, personalized aprons provide a fun way for individuals to showcase their personalities. And don’t forget to make an apron for holiday cookie making!

Tea Towels

Tea towel, dish towel, hand towel, or kitchen towel; no matter what your home calls it, you use towels in your kitchen.

Design Bundles showcases plain white hand towels with black iron-on vinyl; a simple black and white design would fit in any kitchen. As you look to recreate this project, feel free to get creative with the sayings and images you use to match your kitchen decor and color. 

Coffee Mugs

Who does not love a good coffee mug? Even non-coffee drinkers still gravitate to cute and personalized coffee mugs to sit on their desks or enjoy hot chocolate. 

The Craft Scraps shows a quick way to turn any plain mug into a custom piece for your home or office. Using permanent vinyl, you cut your image or text, and then using transfer tape, place it on your mug of choice. While these mugs may not be ideal for the dishwasher, they will hold up great when you hand wash them.

Serving Tray

You deserve a break, and making a serving tray that hints at the possibility that breakfast, or at least coffee, in bed is normal may encourage your partner to make it happen.

Bethadilly uses a simple wooden tray that has been painted white to place adhesive vinyl to create a simple and easy serving tray. Be careful to make sure your paint is 100% dry before putting your vinyl on top; when you remove the transfer tape, it will peel your paint, which we do not want. 

Conversion Chart

If you are anything like me, you constantly ask Alexa how many ounces are in a cup and other random conversions. But it honestly would be better to have the conversions in a handy spot in the kitchen.

Jennifer Maker shows that conversion charts are easy to make and place in convenient places throughout your kitchen. Where you want to place the chart is up to you, but Maker shows how to put the chart on a glass cutting board and even inside a kitchen cupboard! Brilliant!

Fridge Magnets

Our obsession with magnets runs deep; from collecting them on our travels to creating them ourselves, our fridge is an intimate art gallery of what is important to us. 

The Crafting Mole teaches us that adding to your magnet collection can be a fun, personalized project to take on. Using plain magnet strips and adhesive vinyl, you can have dozens of new magnets in just a single afternoon. 


You might eat in your kitchen or simply grab a coffee on your way out, but whatever you do in your kitchen, placemats are good to have around, especially with kids or during holiday dinner parties.  

Kayla’s Cricut Creations shows us that iron-on vinyl placemats can be a welcome addition to any kitchen. Adding your personalized touch can be large or small, but sometimes, simple words like “thankful” take your table settings to the next level. 

Wrapping Up

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and your Cricut allows you to make your space more personal and inviting for all who visit. There are a wealth of fun projects that you can do; while some Cricut kitchen ideas are practical, others are decorative, but really, the only limit is your imagination. 

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