Cricut Home Décor and Wall Ideas

Time to add some flair to your living space’s walls? Well, lucky you, you’ve got a Cricut. With a press of a button (and some smart design sense, of course), you can create unique-to-you designs and appliques – oh, and it may also help to have some inspiration backing you up. Don’t worry if nothing comes to mind, though; that’s why we DIYers have Pinterest and Youtube. There’s bound to be something that piques your Cricut interest between the two. Here are some Cricut home decor and wall ideas bound to get the juices flowing. 

“Home is Where I Kill My Plants”

With a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of “Home is Where the Heart Is,” this “Home is Where I Kill My Plants” sign is delightfully applicable to plant parents who keep succulents because they can’t keep any other plant alive. (Or fake plants because they can’t keep succulents alive.)

Design a similar sentiment on Design Space or borrow KingKraftsbyLacey’s message, find yourself a canvas frame that fits the aesthetic of your living space, and apply your adhesive vinyl to canvas. What’s convenient about this particular design is that you can rest it on a shelf, as shown in the Pin, or hang it on your wall. Here’s a video that can walk you through creating something similar.

“Welcome to My Batcave!”

This “Welcome to My Batcave” wall applique by Daisy’s Corner is a perfect example of how you can customize your child’s room without having to pay for themed furniture, blankets, or expensive decor. Your kid is as good as gold between this and a shelf full of action figures (which, unfortunately, you can’t make with your Cricut)!

Try making the decal on a non-permanent adhesive, so when your child grows out of their fandom, you won’t have to battle any permanent adhesive scars on the wall.

Custom TV Trays

I love unique Cricut ideas, and this DIY Lily Ardor TV tray is certainly one of them. Though you may not see every home complete with a full set of TV trays anymore, consider purchasing a few that you can convert to stylish and storable home accents. Perhaps you already have one or two trays lying around, or you can locate one at a thrift store for an affordable price.

Sand and refinish your tray – let it dry thoroughly before applying any vinyl to it. Then, on Design Space, find yourself a design from the preloaded templates or create one that is the size of the tray. Cut the design out in four sheets and carefully transfer them to the tray.

Lily’s final results look really good, and I’m about to try it on my own TV trays – or maybe any old side table that needs some pep to its step.

“Dark Side/Light Side” Light Switch

For the avid “Star Wars” fan in your life, this light switch applique is not only a great play on what actually happens when you flip the switch on and off but also a conversation starter when another fan of the franchise sees it. Even better, it’s subtle enough where you can not make it the centerpiece of a room, more of an ode to your or someone else’s fandom past (and present/future). Thanks a million, Epic Modz, for the inspo!

Personalized Key Hanger

There are tons of key hanger inspo posts on Pinterest, but this one by SweetMorningMugs is best suited to Cricut users. Find a piece of board or wood that contrasts nicely with your chosen vinyl and some smaller wall hooks and assemble your key holder. Play around with text and the message on Design Space. You may want to consider placing a label over each hook telling your family what goes where (his, hers, the dog, etc.). Or, if you have a more sarcastic side, you can always use the ever-popular “Hang your sh*t here.”

Punny Kitchen Signs

You got me there, PoppPaperie. If you want a sign strictly for your kitchen but are looking for something beyond the usual “We all eat here” and kitchen rules sign, definitely take inspiration from this Pinterest post. Featured here are “Chop it like it’s hot” (Snoop Dogg), “They see me rollin’, they hatin'” (Chamillionaire), “Just beat it” (Michael Jackson), and “Whip it, whip it good” (Devo). I’d go with Devo since I’ve been a fan since day one, and I love making frosting. 

Phone, Wallet, Keys

Did anyone else see Adam Sandler’s “100% Fresh” comedy special on Netflix? Perhaps user Dascha Marie Designs did and drew her inspiration for this organizer from it. “Phone, wallet, keys…”. In this design, Dascha has created a stencil (which you can easily make on Cricut) and chalked it on her organizer. You can do the same or use a permanent adhesive vinyl to achieve the same effect.

Cloud Wall Lights

Don’t forget that the Cricut Maker can cut more than vinyl; it can cut thin wood. This allows for you to make more than the simple wall cling, as proven by Geneva Vanderzeil. In this video, Vanderzeil makes wooden cloud wall lights that light up when you press them. The process is too lengthy to explain here, but check it out for a unique and fun project idea.

Glass Jar Labels

This is your sign: label everything. Okay, is this one of my favorite ideas? Yes, it is. Though not entirely necessary for those who pay attention to what liquid goes in what jar, these glass jar labels, as presented by How to Heat Press, are great for a homey and country kitchen feel. You can even transfer the idea to other stainless steel and glass containers for laundry supplies, toiletries, and anything else you want!

Don’t Copy, Be Inspired!

So what if you can’t come up with an original idea for home decor or wall design? Take inspiration from any one of these ideas and add your own spin to it. It’ll still be DIY, it’ll still be you, and it’ll still be an excuse to keep using your Cricut!

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