Cricut EasyPress 2 Review

Cool stamps? Preppy Pop Arts? Snarky Quotes? Customized designs? 

If you are a fan of all these, then you already have an idea about Cricut Easy Press. Whether you want to spruce up your tshirt or add personality to your tote, this nifty device can help you. You can DIY heat press imprints yourself using EasyPress 2 and also customize T-shirts, pillows, shoes, bags, socks, and so on.

The original Easy Press from Cricut was a solution somewhere between a pro heat press and a regular iron. It was compact and convenient to use, and the high-speed heating was able to have a lasting outcome. The Easy Press is designed to deliver a heat press within just 60 seconds.

The Cricut Easy Press 2 is an upgraded version of the original Easy Press. EasyPress is light-weight, convenient, easy to store, and attuned with foremost kinds of heat-transfer material. It’s also a seamless match to Cricut cutting machines.

In this article, we will talk about the significant features, the way Cricut Easy Press 2 works, benefits, plus points, and downsides of the product.

An overview of the product

Cricut Easy Press 2 is a compact and apparently user-friendly tool that’s manufactured to replace the traditional heat press machine. You may get confused because of its small size, but this device can be heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can work on using it any sort of fabric.

There are six different buttons in this gadget that can be used to control the way it works. The first one is meant for switching on the machine and you can put it in a standby mode. The second button allows you to control the temperature button to adjust the heat at which a user wants to work with. If you are not sure or can’t guess the right setting for your material, then the Quick Reference Chart that comes with the device can come in handy. Adjust the heat as per the chart, and you are all set.

The third button is a timer that can be adjusted as per your need. The +/- buttons are related to the temperature button, no hidden agenda is there. The LED screen will help you monitor the heat.

There is a button branded with the Cricut Logo. It lets you know when the gadget is set for use.

Who chooses the Cricut Easy Press 2 over other cutting machines?

If you’re considering going professional with your crafts or want to produce hundreds of t-shirts every day, then you can go for a commercial heat press. But, if you are a DIY-er or just getting into journals, gifts, paper crafts of t-shirts a day, then Cricut might be an excellent alternative.

It is comparatively more user-friendly with an integrated interactive feature. The device is more sleek and compact than usual bulky cutting machines. If you are interested in small projects or small designs, then Cricut Easy Press 2 is the right choice. Because of its super light-weight, you can literally take it wherever you like. 

While many companies release new versions of products with not many upgrades or improvement in features but this is not the case with the EasyPress 2. There are new features like different sizes, quicker heating, a USB port, a thicker heating plate and more. 

Cricut can proudly say that the reason behind their roaring success is the loyal fan base they have. If you are already aware of their reputation, then no matter what, you will never feel comfortable using some other cutting machine. Maybe they do not frills like others, but all you need is the quality device that can serve your purpose. 

Additional features and specifications of Cricut Easy Press 2

Now that we have an overall idea about Cricut Easy Press 2 usability and the way to use it let’s have a close look at its features.

The Size

The Easy Press 2 is available in 3 sizes, i.e., 12-in x 10-in, 9-in x 9-in, and 6-in x 7-in. If you are dealing with something really small or better to say a small project, then 6×7 will suffice. For example, this size is suited for baby onesies, beanies, small bags, gloves, gloves, socks etc.

The 9×9 is better and can heat-press an average-sized t-shirt, and most other mediums. It also works well with tote bags, pillows, aprons and t-shirts.

The 12×10 one is remarkable, and heat presses large areas in just one go. It can deal with projects on shoes, baseball caps, clothes etc.

But if you are a remote worker or happen to travel a lot with all your craft tools, then you may need to think thoroughly before choosing this particular option.

Precise Dials

As we have already mentioned, the gadget comes with six different buttons. All these buttons are well-made, user-friendly, and intuitive. So a user can never have to go through the frustrating guesswork or trial and error process just to get things done.

Be it setting the timer or the temperature, and everything is designed in a well-thought manner.

Auto-Off Feature and the Safety Dock

Safety is really vital when it comes to heat press machines. And the best part about this heat press device we are talking about is, the makers considered that point before creating the blueprint of the gadget.

The machine comprises an Auto-Off feature that plays a significant role in preventing accidents. The device gets turned off after 10 minutes of inactivity. 

It does not get dangerously hot so even if you bump into it, it’s absolutely safe even around kids. Just don’t go sticking your fingers inside the Easypress 2. There’s an insulated safety base as well, which is really awesome as this is an added layer of security if the machine is inactive for a while. 

However, that does not mean that you do not have to be careful when using a heat press device. Avoid using it directly on paper, wood, or delicate surfaces.

Advanced Heat Plate Design

Unlike a usual heat-press, Cricut Easy Press 2 is exclusively designed crafted in a way that it heats up evenly, all over its surface.

The device comes with two heating components instead of one. That is why it can get heated from edge-to-edge and transfer the heat flawlessly. The surface of Easy Press 2 is ceramic-coated. It is a durable, handy, and better medium for heat transfer.

Easy Press Safety Mats

Working with a heat-press device is not easy and, so, for extra security, the manufacturer provides some insulated, five-layered mats. These specially-designed mats come with a moisture-wicking lining.

How does the Cricut Easy Press 2 perform?

Any electronic gadgets and how-to parts start with connecting the device with the power source. Give it some time to power up before you press the power button. Be patient, and let it be heated. The orange mode button will turn into the green to let you know the right time to start using the machine.

Now that it’s done set the suitable temperature for the particular fabric or vinyl you are using. You can take the help of the chart you mentioned before. First, keep the fabric on the work surface and then activate the gadget. Use the device gently like an iron. It will remove moisture from the surface and provide you a better result.

Finally, place your fabric or vinyl with the illustration or artwork alongside the product you’d like to create or customize. Place the device smoothly on the material, and then once you feel confident and comfortable, press the C button.

The timer will be instantly activated. You will notice a beep sound after the process is done. Remove the heat press and keep the material aside to cool down before you remove the vinyl.

Now you finally got your selected design imprinted on your chosen fabric. If you are using a tiny heat press device, then do not worry; you can use it multiple times to complete one single project.

We ran a small wash test on a tshirt half side of which was pressed with an heat press and the other with the EasyPress. We’re about 50 washes in and both sides are holding up equally well. 

The Plus Points

This tiny yet powerful machine has a lot of plus points to talk about. Here are the most important ones:

The Design

This may seem unimportant, but if you are an aesthetic fanatic; then you are going to love Cricut Easy Press 2. The red and white combination, sleek and smart design will grab your attention as soon as you lay your eyes on it.

It does not look like the typical rugged heat press machines. So feel confident enough to keep it on your table without disturbing the décor.


One of the hardest trials of using a usual heat transfer tool is to understand the exact temperature it needs to reach. Adjusting temperature based on mere guess may seem like a crazy idea.

With Cricut Easy Press 2, a user can easily monitor and adjust the heat up to 400 Fahrenheit. The LED dashboard will keep you on the right track by showing the temperature.

Interactive Features

Guess-work does not work well when it comes to using devices that deal with electricity, sharpness, and heat. With Cricut Easy Press 2, you do not have to be worried about any unpredictable mishaps or risks. Because the device has an integrated interactive feature that guides the users.

The LED screen or dashboard automatically captures your attention and helps you understand the temperature and mode it is in.

The C button changes its color from orange to green when the device is ready. So if you are looking for a convenient option to work on your DIY heat press project, then this one is the best shot for you.

Compact and Light-Weight

This is perhaps the most significant advantage that only Cricut Easy Press can offer. Firstly it comes with a handle that is easy-grip and can be used to carry the device effortlessly.

If you try to put some more pressure while imprinting, then also this handle is going to help you a lot.

The entire device is tiny enough to slide into your craft bag or tote bag. Feel free to take it anywhere you want. It is easy to carry, super easy to maintain, and your hands are not going to feel tired as it is light-weight as well.

Final Results

Cricut Easy Press 2 can boast of delivering a durable imprinted design that can endure multiple washes. It effectively seals the edges of the design so you can be a bit stress-free about the flaking of the artwork so soon.

You may think of opting for bulky and comparatively affordable heat press machines, but they will be no good if the final outcome is not satisfying or up to the mark.

The Downsides

The Cricut Easy Press 2 has a few downsides as well. For example, it’s reasonably expensive and does not come with a lot of accessories. Typically, you’re going to have to apply pressure yourself and sometimes you’re going to have to hit the project multiple times to get that well-heated result. So if you don’t have much upper body strength, you might not find the EasyPress 2 to be perfect for you. Also if you’re running a business or will be mass-producing things, a heat press will better meet your needs. 

Final verdict

If you already have read this far then, you are definitely a Cricut fan or passionate DIY artist. According to us, Cricut Easy Press 2 is capable of keeping its promises. It is a more sophisticated and upgraded version of the original. It delivers durable imprints, easy to use, portable, and advanced. We love the fact that it has an auto-shutoff which a lot of heat presses do not have. 

Yes, it is not suitable for bulk prints or enormous designs, but for everyday crafters and hobbyists, it is a perfect choice. At a little over $100, this is an affordable device for crafters to own comparatively. 

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