Cricut Anniversary Ideas

Holidays are filled with expenses, and anniversary gifts are so often a huge one.  Making your own, custom gift is a great way to save yourself from going over budget while gifting your significant-other something sentimental and personalized.

Cricut Glass Music Plaque

The newest crafting craze across social media platforms is a music-themed DIY glass project with a scannable Spotify song code. This blog post by Leap of Faith Crafting takes you through the process of getting your Spotify code, putting it on Cricut Design Space, and assembling your final product.


This project produces a glass plaque with your favorite picture on it, as well as a scannable Spotify song code underneath.  The song code will play a song of your choosing on Spotify once it’s scanned.  This is a heartfelt and sentimental anniversary gift that will keep the two of you dancing all night long. 

Ideas for Songs to Include:

  • Your first dance
  • Songs with their name
  • A love song from this year that reminds you of them

DIY Cricut Infusible Ink Anniversary Mugs

These dishwasher-safe couple mugs from The Navage Patch are the perfect DIY anniversary gift for when you’re new to Cricut, or if you don’t have a mug press.


This project yields two custom, dishwasher-safe mugs using a Cricut smart cutting machine and Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.  The Navage Patch has their “editable mug design” available on Cricut Design Space, but this tutorial would work with any design of your choosing.

Personalized Coir Welcome Doormat

Kimberly Coffin shares this Cricut project on the Sweet Red Poppy site, along with her free custom SVG file download.  This project can be kept simple by using one of her designs, or you can customize it and have your doormat say something special to you and your partner or housemates.


This project can be done with any Cricut cutting machine and requires very few materials.  The final product comes out like a high-end coir doormat, but with a personalized greeting and more money in your pocket.

Custom “Scorched” Wood Coasters

These coasters make the perfect 5th-anniversary gift without the stress from actual wood burning.  Aimee from The Crazy Craft Lady takes you through the process of using your Cricut, a scorch marker, and a heat gun to make custom wooden coasters.


This project uses smaller wooden rounds to produce gorgeous, custom coasters.  Aimee uses a scorch marker and a heat gun to get the appearance of burnt wood, without the fire hazard. This how-too can be used on all sorts of wood projects and isn’t just limited to coasters.

DIY Playing Cards

Personalized playing cards are a versatile and boundless anniversary gift that your significant-other will love.  The possibilities are limitless when it comes to this highly customizable gift, and can range from heartfelt phrases to a sensual game for the evening of your special day.


In this how-to, Charmain Galloway takes you through the complete process of designing your cards on Cricut Design Space, cutting your designs, and assembling your playing cards.

Matching Custom Iron-On T-Shirts

Custom, matching t-shirts are an adorable gift idea for when you’re looking to keep things fun, and maybe a little dorky, for your anniversary.


In this tutorial, Jennifer Maker shows you how to make “an easy iron-on vinyl T-shirt with Cricut”.  This project is great for Cricut beginners, and the tutorial comes with a free SVG download.

Engraved, Stainless Steel Spatula

Reddit user “beebrow” shared their experience using the Cricut Engraving tool to make a custom design on their stainless steel spatula.  Not only is this an awesome, gender-neutral gift for anyone that loves to cook, but it’s also a great idea for an 11th-anniversary gift.


This project requires a Cricut Maker, as well as an engraving tool.  It can be done on various materials, not just stainless steel, and it produces a beautiful custom cooking utensil of your own design.

Here, Well Crafter Studio takes you through the process of engraving stainless steel pie servers: 

In this video, Jennifer Maker shows you how to use the engraving tool on various materials (including brass, copper, and aluminum):  

Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

All of these projects are great as complete gifts, or as something to accompany other presents.  With the tutorials included in these suggestions, your options for Cricut gift ideas become limitless. 

If you’re feeling confident with your skills with the engraving tool, you can try more complex engraving on materials like acrylic.  If you don’t need any more mugs, why not try making couples wine glasses or dinner plates? 

Instead of matching t-shirts, you can try making pillowcases, fabric napkins, sweatshirts, or any other fabric you can iron.  Try not to limit yourself to what you see online, and consider what will make your partner smile this year.

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