9 Cricut Coaster Ideas to Make For Special Occasions

If you’re like me, special occasions tend to creep up—my niece’s wedding, a friend’s baby shower, or even Christmas parties. It’s a real problem. Or is it? Thankfully with my Circut, I can whip out my trusty coaster stash, Circut, and materials to create a stellar gift that is perfect for any special occasion. I want to share my secrets with you, so here are 9 Circut coaster ideas to make for special occasions.

1. Wedding or Anniversary Gift

Is there a better way to celebrate a wedding or anniversary than with a set of custom coasters? The answer is no.

Coasters are insanely popular to receive and give as a gift, like these ones from Daydream Into Reality. If you are giving them as a gift, you could design the coasters to showcase the following ideas:

  • A picture of the happy couple
  • First dance lyrics
  • Wedding date (April 13, 2013)
  • Last name and established with the year (Lektorich Established 2013)
  • Image of the bride’s flower bouquet

2. Personalized Birthday Coasters

Creating birthday coasters allows you to be super general in your style choices or extremely focused on the recipient. You may choose bright colors for your sister’s office space, while a coworker may enjoy simple floral designs.

For birthday coasters like these from Jen T. by Design, you can also mass-produce them so you can always have a go-to set ready for when you forget a birthday party or for when you are invited to a party last minute. 

3. Coasters for the Big Game

Whether you’re getting together for Friday Night Football or the Superbowl, celebrate with a winning design. You may choose to use an image of the team mascots, allowing guests to choose which team they are rooting for, or you could create coasters with each person’s name like the one shown by Anika Gandhi, so no one mixes up their drinks. 

You can use these game day coasters again and again in private or at events. Fans of all ages can appreciate the subtle nod to their home team when they see these coasters on the coffee table.

4. Coasters for a Graduation Party

Graduations are an accomplishment that is worth celebrating. High school, college, military, or beauty school graduations are all occasions you can celebrate with coasters, like these from Famous Favors. If your graduate is in the military, you could even include a mailing address for your guests to keep in contact with the new soldier. 

On the coasters, you can showcase:

  • An image of the graduate
  • Alma matter
  • Class of 2022
  • Mailing address
  • Icon showcasing what the graduate majored in

5. Coasters for Purchase of a Home

Celebrate your friends purchasing a home, vacation home, or cabin with a set of coasters like the ones from Back to the Land Living. If the new home is near the ocean, incorporate bright blues; if their new cabin is in the mountains, use wooden disks as the coaster base.

Purchasing a home is a big life event, and you can celebrate with your friends and family by giving them a gift they can use again and again.  

6. Baby Shower Coasters

As a delicate touch, try using a glass or clear coaster to showcase your design; baby showers are the perfect place to do this. Utilize the baby’s ultrasound, reveal the gender with the coasters, or provide a QR code to contribute to the baby’s diaper fund.

Not every coaster needs to go home as a prized keepsake. Coasters are a functional piece; why not help out the mom-to-be. You can put me down for $20 worth of diapers, please.

7. Cozy Christmas Coasters

With a hot drink in hand, you can create cozy Christmas coasters like the ones showcased by 5 Little Monsters. Utilize Christmas colors with Christmas sayings to add a homey touch to your seasonal gifts. You could also make a set for yourself to pull out during the holiday season. 

Speaking of the holiday season, you could create a coaster set for each holiday and keep them for your own home or give them as gifts throughout the year. Holidays might include:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Hanukkah

8. Creative Coasters for Teacher Gifts

Gift-giving to teachers is a must. Teachers do so much for our kids, and let me tell you; they are well hydrated human beings. From a morning coffee to a tumbler of ice water, teachers need coasters in their classrooms to accommodate all of their drinks. Like Paintnprintuk, use images that showcase your teacher’s grade level or subject.

For example:

  • Music notes—music teacher
  • Stack of books—school librarian
  • American flag—US history teacher
  • School mascot—ideal if you have multiple teachers to gift coasters to

9. Commemorative Pieces

Are you feeling the post-vacation blues? Why not relive your memories every time you look at your living room coasters! Like The Country Chic Cottage, you can utilize the various items you collected from your travels, you can create coasters. You can make maps, train tickets, even foreign money into a coaster. Once the item has been glued down, it is time to pull out your Cricut.

Using your Cricut, you can cut vinyl to lay on top of the pasted items labeling the various locations you traveled to. For example, if you pasted a map of Paris, you can create a label that says “Paris.” Or you can create a label that includes the date when you traveled to the location, such as “Paris, 2000.”

What Materials to Use when Making Cricut Coasters

Well-made coasters can last for years, so choosing the right material for your project is important. Cricut sells round poly-coated ceramic coasters and square ones with a cork backing. If you choose to make coasters using Cricut Infusible Ink products, these are a must. One cannot work without the other. But know that if you create coasters in bulk, the Circut coasters may be the more expensive option.

Bathroom tiles from your local hardware store are great options for creating coasters of all sizes, shapes, and quantities. But if you choose tiles from a store, you will need to include a backing to the coaster, as most tile is ready to be applied to drywall, not sit on someone’s side table. You can buy sheets of cork or even felt to glue to the backside of your coasters. 

Tools You Might Need to Make Cricut Coasters

Making coasters for a special occasion can be fun, but you need the right tools to get the job done. Make sure you have collected the following:

  • Image, design, text
  • Infusible Ink Pens or Infusible Transfer Paper
  • Iron-on vinyl
  • A Cricut EasyPress
  • EasyPress protective heat mat
  • Teflon or butcher paper to protect the image from the surface of the EasyPress
  • Your coaster material (cork, glass, tile, Circut coasters)

A Gift for Someone Who has Everything

Coasters make a perfect gift and can be given to anyone since we all enjoy our beverages. Choosing to create a gift for a special occasion also creates meaning and shows love to the person you made the coasters for. So, what are you waiting for? Run to the store and make your first set of coasters!

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