8 Cricut Banner Ideas

Banners run events! Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary, wedding, or another special occasion, you will find them there. They encourage visibility, highlight the theme of your event, and live long in the memories of the attendants.

Here is a scenario: you have a special event coming, but you don’t have a banner for it. While purchasing one is the “easy” option, you are unsure whether it will deliver to your expectations. You do have one thing, though: a Cricut! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, you are! You can create your banner, customize it to your liking, and get satisfaction from doing your work from scratch.

Let’s explore how to make a Cricut banner and 8 Cricut banner ideas perfect for sparking the inspiration you need to make your own. 

How to Create Cricut Banners 

For beginners, the thought of creating Cricut banners can be intimidating. Your banner tiles and letters have to match in size, shape, and design. However, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Creating banners using Cricut fonts is simple: just follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: Finding a Font for Your Banner

Finding the perfect fronts for your banner is as easy as typing a word on the canvas area. Click on the font menu located on the top panel of the canvas area while the word is still selected. A window containing appropriate fonts will slide open, and you can pick your ideal fonts.

For example, if you pick the Dinosaur Tracks font, select it, click on the advanced options tab on the top panel, and choose “ungroup to letters.” With this feature, you can edit every letter individually.

Step 2: Duplicating, Welding, Contouring, and Aligning 

After ungrouping the letters in step one above, you can choose to resize the banner and cut it. But what good is a banner without proper background color? To create your ideal interface, you must first duplicate all the selected letters (now in your desired font).

Duplication should leave you with three copies of every selected letter. Take two copies of each letter and align them in the center of your working surface. Assuming your picked letters form the word “WELCOME,” each one will appear on top of an identical layer.

Select each pair of letters and click on the “welding” option. You have to weld five times, matching each letter with its corresponding one. The next step after welding is contouring. With this idea, you can hide or delete unneeded design pieces. Since we are building a background, deleting the extra cutouts will enable us to achieve our goal effectively.

Step 3: Finishing Your Banner

The final step of creating a banner using Cricut is personalizing your letters. You can play around with their sizes, color, and design. Once done, click on the “make it” options and follow the cutting instructions.

8 Cricut Banner Ideas

You can make anything after learning the basics of creating banners using Cricut! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Paper Dress Garland 


Trish Turay’s paper garland idea is fantastic because it allows you to explore your creativity. It is perfect for anyone preparing for their child’s birthday. Or you can use the idea to spruce up the child’s room in a fun and beautiful manner. 

2. Appreciate the Beauty of Cricut


Do you wish to express your love for Cricut? More often are the times that we are caught up in our lives that we forget to appreciate the things that get us going. For Cricut users, creating a CRICUT banner is an excellent way of enjoying the tool’s services. This idea by Linda Rogers is incredible because the banner has elegant edges and a carousel. It is not only suitable for you as a Cricut lover but also perfect for decorating your craft room.

3. Something for the Believers 


With the Easter spirit still around, at least until the end of the month, create this cross Cricut banner and place it strategically in your home. Shared by Lisa Smith Dent on Easter Stuff, you can weld a circle on top of the Cricut Easter cross to use a ribbon to make stringing a garland easy.

4. It’s a Boy/Girl!


What better way to announce the gender of your child other than using Cricut banners? In this sample uploaded by Sarah Olchesky, we get a simple, colorful, and unique banner indicating that the baby is a boy. You are free to design, pick your font, and color the letters as you deem appropriate for the baby gender or shower theme.

5. Baby Shower Elephant Banner 


Planning a baby shower, and you don’t know what to include in your d├ęcor? How about an incredible baby shower elephant banner? In this sample shared by Felicia Renee, we see how we can use Cricut to create an elephant-themed banner. 

6. Halloween Banner Trick or Treat


Yes, it’s still too early to think about Halloween, but you can stick this idea somewhere as it will come in handy. This “Trick or Treat” banner made by Linda Rogers shows how you can use Cricut to create the perfect Halloween Banner.

7. Personalized Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner 


Most children love Mickey Mouse; heck, many adults do too. If you fall under this category, this Cricut banner idea by Jennifer DaFonte is perfect for you. You can personalize it with a name or mantra, like “Oh, boy!”

8. Giving Thanks 


You can always give thanks for something. This Cricut banner idea by Kirkland’s Home is one of the best ways of showing such appreciation. With hues that reflect the shining sentiment printed on it, you have a chance to show gratitude in the best way possible.

The Key Takeaway

Copying is frowned upon; seeking inspiration isn’t! Feel free to derive inspiration from any of the ideas presented here and make them your own. Test your Cricut skills today and work to spruce up any event with a one-of-a-kind banner.

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