31 Vinyl Roll Storage Ideas

For all my Cricut lovers out there, we know your craft spaces are overflowing with rolls of vinyl. But that makes it hard to finish up your projects quickly. You don’t want to be constantly searching for the color or material you need. And what about storing scraps? We know you end up throwing some of that away because you don’t know where to store it. Well, here are 31 ways you can organize your vinyl rolls. 

1. Dollar Tree Wall Roll Holder

Simply Sallie has the right idea. You want a simple, out-of-the-way option for storing your vinyl. It should be cheap and easy to grab while you’re in the middle of a project. This design uses simple wire dish racks from the dollar store. They just happen to fit the smaller vinyl rolls really well. You can keep them stacked on your craft table or hang them on your wall. 

2. Vinyl Storage Grid

This storage choice from Feel the Fire is great for when you have lots and lots of rolls you want to store quickly. It’s not the most gorgeous design, but it’s really functional. They’re essentially using closet wire shelving turned on its side. This would be great to keep in your craft closet for tight spaces. 

3. Vinyl Rod Shelving

Coming in hot from What is Vinyl, we’ve got shelf-style storage that uses thick wooden rods to keep your vinyl in place. I love this concept because it gives off “built-in” vibes. You’ll want to be very conscious of the height of your shelves, though, or leave extra space on each shelf to make sure you can get your rolls out easily. 

4. Lattice Vinyl Rack

Okay, What is Vinyl—we see you. This one is so creative! They build a basic wooden frame (a super easy project) and then use a garden lattice to cover it. You can easily slip your vinyl rolls through the holes. One great element about this is the customization. You can stain or paint the wood and get that lattice in a different color to match your craft room. 

5. Labeled Vinyl Totes

This idea from Hello Lidy is simple but elegant and easy to hide away, especially if you’re already using those cubicle-style shelves in your crafting space. While it doesn’t allow for too much organization within the bins, it’s fast, clean, and pretty. I’m digging this one. 

6. Magazine Holders for Your Vinyl

I have to say, this vinyl storage option from My Very Crafty Life is resourceful. While you would need a shelf to line these up on, it would allow you to organize your vinyl really well. You could even go Home Edit style and put them in rainbow order. We’re coming for you, Clea and Joanna! 

7. Mounted Hooks

This find, pinned by Krystal Grant, is smart. It works well if you don’t really want lots of bulky storage containers filling your space. And I like this option for small crafting corners where you have to utilize your walls as much as possible. It’s just simple hooks on the wall. But make sure you have a good laser level!

8. Tic Tac Toe Vinyl Storage

One element I love from this Burton Avenue storage concept is the fact that you’re maximizing the square storage space while still making it easy to pull out your material. If you were to just stick them in the cubbies, then every time you go to pull out your favorite golden vinyl, you might have a stack of rolls falling out with it.  

9. DIY Large Wooden Peg Board

Crafted by the smart people over at Instructables, this storage solution is basically like a paper towel roll on steroids. The thick pegs would work really well for your large rolls of vinyl if you’re an elite-level crafter. 

10. Spice Rack Style Vinyl Storage

You know those classic spice racks that spin around and have holes for all your different spices (including all the ones you never use)? Well, Create and Babble has borrowed this idea for a straightforward vinyl storage solution. Except, because it’s for our Cricut, we’ll definitely be using every roll we put in there. 

11. PVC Pipe Vinyl Storage

I know, I know. This one is for paint. But this PVC pipe storage from DIY’N Crafts would work so well for your vinyl rolls. Tell me I’m wrong—I dare you. 

12. DIY Vinyl Storage Crate

I am literally drooling over this one. I’ll be headed to home depot to whip this up over the weekend, thank you very much. A brilliant tutorial from Addicted 2 DIY, this crafted crate can hold 30 rolls. Holy vinyl, Batman!

13. Pegboard and IKEA Kallax Vinyl Storage

This option from Life With Onesies is the epitome of multi-tasking. She uses a pegboard on either side of this vertical shelf for more storage. She’s hanging IKEA baskets for her vinyl rolls on one side and literally hanging her Cricut mats on the other. 

14. Wicker Basket Vinyl Storage

Yes, please—I’ll make 5. This adorable make from Silhouette School Blog is the perfect way to disguise your piles of crafting supplies with storage that’s fictional and beautiful. And it looks like those baskets are hanging from leather straps, too!

15. Turn Your Wine Rack Into a Vinyl Holder

I’m always down for a good repurposing project. The Scrap Shoppe Blog has found a way to reuse an old wine rack for vinyl storage solutions. The best part about this is that since wine racks aren’t as popular as they once were, it’s basically another reason to go garage sailing this summer. 

16. Removable Vinyl Roll Rack

Hello, did you see those sliding roll slots? That’s why I love Houseful of Handmade‘s great vinyl rack. A lot of these racks will use dowels, but it’s all about the design. You can swap out rolls really easily without having to take your whole rack apart. 

17. Picture Frame Vinyl Holder With Wooden Rods

Why not frame your vinyl? I think Honey Bear Lane has the right idea here. This makes it easy to keep your vinyl up on your walls while still making it removable. 

18. Rolling Drawers for Vinyl

If you want all your craft stuff out of the way, Hey Let’s Make Stuff has a brilliant solution. She stores her rolls in rolling drawers! You can fit it under your craft table and whip up some labels (out of vinyl, obviously) to keep it organized. 

19. Plastic Bins With a Lid for Vinyl Scraps

Sure, racks are nice when your vinyl stays on a roll. But once you’ve started a project, how often do you wind up with scraps lying around? They won’t fit on the roll anymore, but they’re too precious to toss. A Girl and a Glue Gun recommends some easy-to-store plastic bins with snapping lids.

20. Simple Eye Hooks for Your Vinyl Rolls

The key to good vinyl storage on the wall is making sure they can hold for the long haul. And nails don’t always make it, especially if you’re using large rolls. Craftaholics Anonymous uses screw-in eye-hooks and then threads her dowels through the hooks. Genius? Check. 

21. Peg Board and Elastic Cord

Not every crafter is Martha-Stewart-level organized when it comes to the size of our vinyl rolls. We just want to keep them up and out of the way. What is Vinyl rocks this by using a pegboard and elastic cord. It uses tension to keep the rolls in place but makes it possible to swap out sizing fast. 

22. File Folders for Vinyl Squares

This is another solution for when your vinyl isn’t in rolls anymore. According to Burton Avenue, you can file it away! This option literally uses hanging file folders to hold the materials. Here are a few ways you could label your work:

  • Color
  • Material type
  • Project
  • Size

23. DIY Dollar Tree Craft Organizing Station

LifeDIYJosie is really pushing the envelope here in the best way. Using multiple types of dollar store baskets and containers, she’s created the ultimate inexpensive craft storage container, perfect for keeping your vinyl tucked away with everything else you need for your Cricut. 

24. Hanging Plastic Baskets With Curtain Hooks

This storage idea isn’t going to be for everyone. But it definitely fits a specific need, so we had to include it on this list. Pinned by Sherry Peale, it’s inexpensive, functional, and stays out of the way. If you have a closet you never hang things in, you can finally make use of that empty bar by adding quick hanging baskets for your vinyl. 

25. Repurpose an Over-Toilet Shelf

Practically everyone has had an over-toilet shelf at some point. But when you swap out for free-hanging shelves or a cabinet, there’s not much you can do with it anymore. But Hometalk has found a really creative solution. Use this to store your craft supplies! This would also work well with an old hutch or even a re-done curio cabinet. 

26. Clear Acrylic Shelving With Vinyl Labels

I really love acrylic storage solutions. Apparently, The Secret Life of a Scrappy Wife does too. The key to avoiding constant mess is having containers you can easily look through them. You know right where it goes because you can see it in there. Not to mention, the vinyl lettering on the outside is darling.  

27. Shoe Hangers Cut to Fit Your Vinyl

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Craft-mas! My Home Based Life found a great solution for her Christmas wrapping paper. But this would work so well for Vinyl too. With the extra-long wrapping paper tubes, she cuts to fit one tube in three of these shoe pouches. But for a regular vinyl roll, you may only need to fit it through two. 

28. Hanging Garment Bag Vinyl Storage

This is another one meant for the holiday season that translates perfectly into your crafting closet. If you don’t have the shelf space or even the wall space for a ton of vinyl rolls, you still want to keep them together. The Krazy Coupon Lady uses a hanging garment bag to keep her rolls in. It’s out of the way, and you can take it with you when you travel to pinner’s conference. Brilliant!

29. Fabric Hampers for Your Vinyl Rolls

Depending on the vibe of your craft room, that antiqued look of fabric and metal hampers can really complete a look. They tuck away well in the corner of your craft room but make it effortless to swap rolls in the middle of your Cricut project. Thanks for the idea, Organization Obsessed!

30. Upcycled Kitchen Stool Vinyl Caddy

Talk about creativity! This DIY vinyl storage idea isn’t your average “hang it on the wall and forget about it” project. Designed by Home Talk, this is a showpiece. You can take a barstool (another reason to go garage sailing), paint it in a trendy color, and use it to hold your rolls and large craft supplies. This would be a perfect display for a small-business craft shop looking to take its presentation up a notch. 

31. Rotating Storage Tower

And we’ve saved the best for last. Jennifer Maker has designed a standing tower to store your vinyl that combines several of the concepts we’ve seen in our list so far:

  • It’s on wheels, making it easy to roll around your craft room. 
  • It pivots, so you can access and store materials from every angle. 
  • It uses pegboard on the sides, giving you lots of storage and sizing options. 
  • There’s an elastic cord holding the vinyl on one side and wire hooks on another.  

If there’s one thing we love about storage solutions, it’s options! And Maker has another vinyl holder project that’s Lazy Susan-esque. If you have lots of vinyl hanging around, you can stack these projects on top of each other for a mega-tower. It’s craft central!

You’re On a Roll!

Do you have a favorite? We want to know which idea you use in your craft room!

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