21 Cricut Water Bottle Ideas

Have you ever gotten bored with your water bottle? I have, and that’s why I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas. If you’re like me, you love finding new and creative ways to reuse old water bottles.

So today I’ve put together a list of 21 Cricut-inspired water bottle ideas for you to try this summer. From fun designs to clever tips, there’s sure to be something here for everyone. Happy crafting!

1. Hiking Bottle: You’re Not a Cactus

Hikers go for miles—it’s definitely a thirsty hobby! Why not make a special Cricut bottle for your favorite hiker? This design from Emily Long Designs is a hilarious reminder that you need to drink more than a cactus, especially when you’re hiking. 

2. No Grass, No Glory—Water Bottles for Sports Team 

Do your kids and their friends play baseball or hockey? Whatever the sport, you can make the whole team customized water bottles. Include their names and jersey number, along with a fun message from their coach they can read right before the big game. 

3. Water Bottle for Power Squats

It’s leg day! If you need a little encouragement to do a few more squats next time you hit the gym, this is the perfect design to print from your Cricut. It will keep you laughing even when your body is crying sweat after your workout.  

4. But Did You Die? Water Bottle for Hardcore Runners

It doesn’t matter if you jog around the block a couple of times a week or are a marathon fanatic; water is essential for runners. This design pushes you to keep going for another mile. You can even whip up a second one for your running buddy. 

5. Bride and Groom Water Bottles

Why not do something more creative than the traditional gifted wedding toaster? Give the bride and groom something fun to remember their special day. A matching set of water bottles is an adorable personalized gift. You could also have it monogrammed, include their wedding date, or add a classic bride and groom silhouette. Plus, they can take it with them on that honeymoon vacation. 

6. A Baby Bottle

Baby clothes and toys are appreciated and needed for a mom to be. But think out of the box and give a set of personalized bottles for the little one. And, like this sunny set, you could make a matching water bottle for mom! After all, drinking loads of water is important for a healthy pregnancy.

7. Book Clubs

Are you a serious bookworm? Are you part of a book club? Make a set of water bottles featuring your latest book club book. You can go all the way and make a personalized bottle for each member of your group with their favorite read. Or, like this hilarious water bottle, pick a saying that only a true book nerd would understand. 

8. Back to School Bottle Designs

“Back to School” water bottles don’t have to be full of apples, pencils, and math problems. And these adorable water bottle designs prove it. They’re colorful and summery—a great reminder of the reward that comes at the end of the school year. And these designs are totally trendy, which makes them perfect for middle school or high school students. And let’s be honest, a college student wouldn’t turn down one of these adorable creations either. 

9. A Housewarming Gift

This could be a great way to meet your new neighbors. Use a design that incorporates your neighborhood—is there a park nearby? Or you could go with a welcoming message like this one that says, “Wherever you are from, we are glad you’re our neighbor.” Whatever you go with, you’ll definitely be helping them feel at home. 

10. #BossBabe Bottle for Female Business Owners

There is nothing quite as powerful as women supporting women, right? Why not craft a hashtag waterbottle for your business bestie. Help them know they’re valued and respected for all their hard work. Or try out some of these hashtags:

  • #girlboss
  • #womeninbusiness
  • #entrepreneur
  • #confidence

11. Affirmations All Day

Next to staying hydrated, saying your affirmations is the next best step to good mental health, right? Why not try a water bottle that lists your affirmation for you. That way, every time you take a sip, you can pause for a minute meditation to review your intentions for the day. 

12. Water Bottle for Fighting Cancer

Water bottles are amazing reminders of how strong you are. You see them right by you all day long, and they help you to stay healthy—especially if you’re battling cancer. This sassy saying is perfect for helping you understand your “why.” And the time-focused tracking idea is great for pacing out your hydration through the day. 

13. Harry Potter Water Fans Unite!

Are you a massive Potterhead still waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Well, this amazing water bottle design can hold you over until Hedwig arrives. The design here is magical. Of course, the water-based pun is everything, but here are a few other water bottle design ideas for Harry Potter fans:

  • Your sorted house
  • A silhouette of Hogwarts
  • Other spells from the books
  • “Mischief Managed”

14. Nurses Rock

I don’t think anyone can deny that nurses are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. So if anyone deserves a fancy water break, it’s them. If you have a nurse in your life that you love (even if it’s yourself), try whipping up one of these water bottles. Here are a few design ideas you can include:

  • Nurses Rock
  • Angel in Scrubs
  • Be nice. I might be your nurse someday. 
  • Nurse: Trusted to Care
  • Nursing is a Work of Heart

15. Disney Vacation Water Bottles

And if you’re planning a family trip to Disney this summer, you could make your family individual character water bottles to take with them through the park! There’s something about matching magic kingdom gear that elevates the whole trip. And that sounds like a great family photo!

16. Tears of My Students

It’s time to let the best teacher you’ve ever had know you’re going to miss them next year. Honor those educators who help you through school by crafting them something to remember you by. With the saying, “Tears of my students,” you can say a heartfelt goodbye and give her a running joke for next year. 

17. Taco Time Water Bottle

For anybody who loves Taco Tuesday, this water bottle design should resonate. But what we really love about this crafty creation is the combination of pink glitter and gold (oh, and tacos, of course). There’s something very extra about carrying a water bottle covered in glitter that makes you want to stay hydrated. #selfcare

18. Ballet Water Bottle

Does dance class work you extra hard? It’s time to break out that ice-cold water bottle! And you can make the other dancers in your team feel like a part of the group by giving them a personalized water bottle, too. Here are some other ideas for a dancer’s water bottle:

  • H-tutu-O
  • I Can’t. I Have Dance.
  • Leave it On the Floor
  • I’ve Got Rhythm

19. Peace, Love, and Girl Scouts

Who hasn’t bought Girl Scout cookies? You eat a few and want something to wash them down with. Selling scout-designed water bottles along with the cookies is a winning idea. Or, if you’re a troop leader, try making a few to hand out to the top-selling girls. 

20. It’s Your Earth-day

You’re passionate about protecting the environment and one of your pet peeves is throw-away plastic. The solution? A “green” reusable water bottle that lets the world know what you’re about. Green Peace has lots of great .svgs you can use.

But of course, this punn-y planet design is a showstopper. “Go Planet—It’s Your Earth Day!”

21. Drink Like a Mermaid

Okay, this design is just plain adorable. For all the mermaid lovers out there, this is the perfect reminder that hydration is key to the mermaid experience, right? The whole concept is bright and colorful but still easy to read. So flip those tail fins and start drinking your water!

How Do I Make a Water Bottle with Cricut?

There are plenty of YouTube crafters out there to learn from like Lauren Laski. You’ll want to have a Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 Cutting Machine. You’ll also need Permanent Adhesive Vinyl and Transfer Tape.

Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can make any changes you want in size and color. Then you can put it onto the vinyl in the cutting machine to transfer the picture. Use transfer tape and make sure there aren’t any wrinkles!

Let’s Get Crafting

Crafters of all ages will love these 21 creative Cricut water bottle ideas! Whether you’re looking for a fun new craft project or just want to spruce up your water bottle game, these projects have you covered. From playful designs to practical solutions, there’s something for everyone here. So grab your Cricut machine and get ready to get crafting!

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