18 Things to Make With a Cricut Maker

Uh oh, it’s your nephew’s birthday tomorrow, and you forgot to go shopping. Fortunately, you have a Cricut machine and can make his birthday present instead. Day saved! But what do you make? Well, whatever you want.

A Cricut Maker cuts all sorts of materials from paper and vinyl to fabric and cardstock. The newer Cricut Maker machines even cut thin wood, leather, and fabric, making the machine a must-have in many craft rooms. You don’t need expert sewing skills, the newest sewing machine, or all the bits and bobs that clutter a craft room.

Using Cricut’s adaptive tool system, you can easily change out blades without changing the entire housing unit. With minimal effort, you can switch the knife blade from the fine point blade to the rotary blade and keep on crafting without taking a lot of time to change the blades. 

Because of the Cricut’s versatility, your options may not be limitless, but they certainly are expansive. Here are 18 things to make with a Cricut Maker to show you just how much you can craft.

What Can You Make With a Cricut Maker?

Whether you’re using your Cricut as an “I didn’t buy a gift” lifesaver, or in a more professional setting, your craft options are only limited to your imagination and material. Finished items end up looking so good that you can sell them—oh, and give them to your nephew on their birthday, of course.

1 Canvas Wall Art

Start your Cricut crafting career by making canvas wall art. You can put quotes and pictures in any room, like the kitchen, living room, office, master bedroom, a child’s room, and everywhere else. Make canvas wall art designs from classic vinyl and transfer it onto the canvas. Or you can make a stencil on your Cricut Maker and paint it onto the canvas. 

2 Vinyl Decals

This is another easy thing to make on your Cricut Maker. If you are smart about how you cut the decals out of the vinyl, you can use it to make more than one and avoid waste. Decals are very popular for cars, but you can also put them on water bottles, mirrors, laptops, and just about anything that you can decorate with a decal.

You can also customize decals by allowing customers to request what they want to be made. Decals are usually made with the classic vinyl you get for your Cricut Maker.

3 Leather Jewelry

The newer Cricut Makers can cut more heavy-duty materials with the knife blade. You can make stunning jewelry out of tooling leather, like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Before you go out and buy leather, make sure your Maker can cut it. You do not want to break your Cricut Maker because you tried to cut something it is not meant to. Also, buy the right type of leather. If you get something that is too heavy-duty, you could break your Maker.

4 Kitchen and Bathroom Towels

If you’d like to customize towels, cut out stencils on your Cricut Maker and then paint the stencil onto the towel. You can make towels for each season or different holidays. You can make towels that go with themes or have witty sayings on them. When getting your materials, you want to make sure to use fabric paint or multi-surface paint. Having the right paint will help your finished product look better and last longer.

5 Homemade Cards

Homemade cards need to look crisp and clean, and your Cricut can help you achieve this. The Cricut Maker helps you make precise cuts that are difficult to do by hand. The result is a product that looks clean and professional. Now, crafters who struggle to cut things by hand can produce professional-looking products. 

6 Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles

With the Cricut Maker now able to cut heavier materials, why not make a jigsaw puzzle? Most jigsaw puzzles are made using thick, tough cardboard or thin wood. The knife blade for the Cricut Maker allows you to cut these materials easily. You will also be guaranteed pieces that link together nice and snug. You can make puzzles that are small and simple for children, like four or six-piece puzzles. You can also make big and ornate for adults who like a challenge like 3.000 piece puzzles.

7 Fabric and Sewing Patterns

This is not a specific “thing” you can make and sell but it helps you get started. Say you want to sell purses, quilts, phone covers, tablet cases, or Christmas stockings. You cannot do any of those things without cutting fabric. The Cricut Maker rotary blade can help you cut out the pieces for all of those things. Of course, you will need a sewing machine and some sewing skills to finish these projects.

Some of the newer Makers also give you access to the sewing pattern library. You can select the sewing pattern you want to cut and let the Maker do it for you—no need to cut things out by hand and try to keep a steady hand.

The newer rotary blade has 4kg of force behind it. The rotary blade cuts a wide range of fabric that first-generation Cricut Makers could not cut. You can finish your sewing projects a lot faster because the Cricut Maker will make the cutting so easy.

8 Lanyards, T-Shirts, Pillow Cases, etc.

You can make a lot of different items with iron-on vinyl. Iron-on vinyl is a very versatile thing to work with. You can use it to customize lanyards, t-shirts, aprons, pillowcases, just about anything that is made from fabric.

You can find patterns online or make your own pattern. You can make a lanyard for your keys or a name tag, or other items. You can make a pillowcase that makes a kid feel like a princess or a superhero when they lay in just the right spot. The use of iron-on vinyl is endless.

9 Wood Signs

This is along the same lines as canvas art. Instead of using canvas, you are using wood panels. You can paint them different colors or leave them with a natural finish. You can also choose between many different styles. You can make the sign elegant for a Victorian or Colonial house. You can distress the wood and choose a cursive, industrial, or other sans serif font for a Rustic or Country style sign. The possibilities are endless.

Wood signs with quotes or witty sayings may be particularly popular. You can put simple pictures accompanied by a short quote or saying onto the sign as well.

10 Blankets for Special Occasions

This is another item where iron-on vinyl comes in handy. You can use the iron-on vinyl to create bright picnic blankets, blankets to keep you warm during sports events or for any holiday. You could even use the iron-on vinyl to make customized baby blankets.

11 Monogrammed Items

Monogrammed items can include pillows, blankets, towels, ring dishes, cutting boards, etc. You’ll end up using normal vinyl and iron on for these items. Monogrammed products are great for any customer but especially popular for weddings and bridal showers.

12 Baby Clothes

With a Cricut Maker, you can design and make your own baby clothes. Sometimes the variety of designs offered online or in a store can seem limited. That sounds odd for online, but it is true. Sometimes you just cannot find the exact thing you envision.

You can easily use iron-on vinyl and your Cricut to design and make your own baby clothes. Decide what fabric to use, what pictures go on, and what the onesie says. These are also easy items to customize.

13 Doll Clothes

Sometimes it can be difficult to find doll clothes. The Cricut Maker can cut a lot of different fabrics and all sorts of patterns. The newer Cricut Maker rotary blade can cut denim, heavy canvas, silk, and chiffon in addition to the normal range of fabrics.

Making your own doll clothes can be great if you have children or grandchildren. This is also a good item to sell online, at craft fairs, and other events. Sewing projects like doll clothes can be extremely intimidating, but with access to tons of patterns and a machine that makes cutting a breeze, you can take on the more frightening projects.

14 Socks

Typically you only think about warm socks during the Fall and Winter, but some people wear wooly socks year-round because of cold feet. Your Cricut Maker will not have a problem cutting out some adorable patterns with the rotary blade. The socks are easy to sew together too.

15 Doormats

A doormat is one of the first things you see when walking up to a door. However, a doormat is not just a place to wipe off your feet. For many people, it is an expression of their personality and humor. It is also a highly customizable item during the holidays.

You can easily create a stencil on your Cricut Maker and make it come alive on the doormat with outdoor acrylic paint. Outdoor acrylic paint will help your product last longer. It can take being stepped on, wiped on, and all that Mother Nature can throw at it. You do not want to make a doormat that will have paint coming off shortly after the customer starts using it.

16 Front Door Decorations

Why stop at the doormat? Your imagination and your Cricut Maker can make amazing front door decorations as well. Get super creative and make your welcome sign interchangeable. Now that may sound odd. But say you make a sign that says “Welcome.” Why not make a hole with the knife blade where the “O” would go. Then make different “Os” for each holiday? A Jack O’ Lantern “O” for Halloween, a Christmas ornament for that time of year, a heart for Valentine’s Day, etc.

You could also make a ton of different types of front door decorations. Not all of them have to say “Welcome.” Maybe you’d rather “Go Away.” This is another chance for people to express their personality and sense of humor.

17 Halloween or Easter Baskets

If you have several children, it can be easy to forget which basket belongs to which child. So why not make and sell personalized Halloween and Easter baskets? Take the stress off of parents during the holidays by helping them have beautiful baskets with their kid’s names on them. These would be easy to design on your Cricut Maker.

18 Keychains

You can make keychains from all sorts of materials. You can use tooling leather, fabric, wood, or vinyl. You can make simple keychains that are just one letter, or you can get more elaborate. It is all up to you and what you want to make.

What Can I Make with my Cricut Maker to Sell?

The key to selling Cricut crafts is customization and personalization.

Offer your customers the chance to personalize a variety of products. For example, if they want a puzzle, tell them to send you a picture and the size of the puzzle to customize it. If they are hosting a formal dinner party, tell them that you can personalize hand towels for the bathroom.

If you are part of Team Bride or Team Groom, personalize shirts, sunglass frames, masks, or whatever else may be in their goody bag, with the name of the bridal party member. This is a particularly good service to sell in the spring and fall when weddings abound! 

There’s so much you can make with your machine and, therefore, so much to sell! But, of course, it all depends on how dedicated you are to crafting and selling. Leather jewelry, iron-ons, baby clothes, keychains—whatever consumable you think people will pay money for, you can sell it! 

In the End

The Cricut Maker takes crafts that were difficult and time-consuming and makes them fast and easy. With Cricut, you can enjoy craft and sewing projects instead of dreading them. And if you decide to hit the market with your crafts, maybe you’ll make some money on the side.

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