17 Cricut Sticker Ideas

You may have noticed that everyone and their mom uses stickers to customize their water bottles, laptops, and binders. While searching for and purchasing stickers is possible, as a DIY expert, you know, “I can make that” is in our vocab. Using your Cricut, stickers are a quick, cost-efficient, and convenient way to unleash your creativity or promote your brand.

17 Cricut Sticker Ideas

1. Personalized Name Stickers by threelulus

We love our names, and we love to brand our stuff. Personalized name stickers are the best for sending to your friends and family or promoting your company’s name. Your name stickers should be legible with the ability to be customized for employees, events, or bulk purchases.

2. Water Bottle Stickers by AcethePitmatianCo

As we are urged to go green, we have turned to reusable water bottles. To personalize our bottles and show off what we love, we are slapping stickers on them left and right. A funny quote like, “Hydrate or diedrate,” symbolizes our love for water and taking our water bottles everywhere.

3. Animal Stickers by thatstrawberryblonde

Who doesn’t love cats or dogs? It is only natural to want a sticker of man’s best friend. With your Cricut, you can use images of pets or drawings of animals to create your animal stickers. Don’t forget wild animals like whales, lions, or even small mice. 

4. Car Stickers by CourtsHandmadeCrafts

Cars are among people’s most prized possessions that they use in their daily lives. Sticking Cricut stickers on your vehicle can be a way of showing your personality to the world. Car stickers are simple and can be made with Cricut permanent vinyl. When placed on your car windows (responsibly, of course), you can use a straight razor to remove your sticker, leaving you with a blank slate to place a newly made Cricut car sticker. 

5. Silhouette Stickers by BoogieButtonBaron

Silhouette stickers are often solid in color, with the most popular color being black or white. They are also some of the easiest stickers to create on your Cricut using permanent or semi-permanent vinyl, but you can use the Print then Cut feature to create genuine stickers. 

6. Character Stickers by HeyBalesCo

Creating character stickers brings back long-forgotten memories of better days of Saturday morning cartoons. Or maybe your current favorite characters, cartoon or not, characters make up a huge part of pop culture. Character stickers are among the most popular stickers you will see on the market, along with phrases said by characters. 

7. Holiday Themed Stickers by kmpaperco

Stickers can be a great gift during the holidays. Pass out Halloween stickers to trick or treaters, or create stickers and use them as labels for Christmas presents. You really have so many options when it comes to holiday-themed stickers. And you can easily save the leftovers to pass out the next year.

8. Tropical Themed Stickers by HayDesignCoShop

Tropical sticker themes are ideal for brands that cater to the outdoors and nature, watersports, lifestyle, and travel blogs or enthusiasts. They are also an easy way to brand your business as tourists visit your location; you may choose to showcase a flower, for example, with your company name along the edge of the sticker. 

9. Nature Stickers by LuckySardine

Another idea for Cricut stickers is nature and plants. When making nature stickers, you need to incorporate creativity by capturing unique elements such as trees, beaches, plants, and mountains. You may even choose to add a cute saying or let the natural beauty shine.

10. Calligraphy Stickers by plainwordspretty

Calligraphy is standard in marketing, arts, and literature ads. Calligraphy stickers can appeal to many consumers with a single product. You can create them for more formal events such as a prom favor or fall back on creating calligraphy names or business branding. 

11. Icon Stickers by TWGDesigns

Icon stickers are popular with those that journal or scrapbook. These stickers can add color to a bland page without distracting from the words or pictures of loved ones. You can create icon stickers to be large or tiny in size—just right for your bullet journal.

12. Business Stickers by PurpleCarrotDesigns

When you are promoting a brand, you can use professional stickers as a tool to offer exposure to people. You can also use stickers on or in packaging; this small detail can go a long way with your customer satisfaction and brand image.

13. Custom Stickers by MoonsCraftyCorner

The custom portrait sticker can be a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your professional and personal projects. If you want to sell these custom stickers, you may make your customers order a set minimum amount of product to reduce your cost and increase your revenue. 

14. Abstract Stickers by SorryNotSorryCo

Abstract stickers allow you to express your ideas without having interference from images or real-life symbols. You will often see colors following current trends. Currently, those colors are muted and cohesive, with a simple line drawing or outline. 

15. Typography Stickers by swaygirls

Typography stickers refer to the arrangements of various typefaces to make them into a more attractive and organized design. We see this in advertisements, t-shirt designs, and even home decor. Character phrases or other sayings are most often showcased on typography stickers. 

16. Calendar Stickers by RusticFarmChick

Like icon stickers, calendar stickers showcase a small icon and usually a word to two. For example, you might see an image of a cell phone with “Bill Due.” You would place this sticker on a personal planner or calendar to provide reminders and planning. Customers can purchase these items in bulk, or you can make them for your friends and family.

17. Negative Space Stickers by AKerekesCrochet

Negative space gives stickers a unique design that captivates your audience. This negative space is just as important as the other images in the stickers. You are essentially creating a two-in-one image, and you can leave it up to the customer to decide which one is more important. 

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