17 Cricut Baby Gift Ideas

A new baby should be an occasion for celebration and joy–still, new parents are faced with new responsibilities and enormous demands. They can feel that they have too much to do and too little time. Here you will find 17 Cricut baby gift ideas.

1. Stuffed Toy

A personalized stuffed toy is a bright addition to a baby’s room, and the little one will soon be hugging her favorite friend. Carrie from the Cricuter channel shows us how to personalize a stuffed toy in her video. You buy the toy from your preferred outlet, and off you go.

2. Nursery Floor Mat

Makers Gonna Learn is our guide, but you can quickly adapt the instructions in this video to make a colorful mat for the baby’s space. Bright colors will grab the baby’s attention, or maybe you want to create a more functional piece with the numbers 1-12, making a perfect monthly photo backdrop. But do make sure your carpet is easy to clean!

3. Bibs

We all know how messy a baby can be, so gifting personalized bibs is a must. Chipped Builds shows how easy it is to make bibs using your Cricut. And don’t be stingy by only gifting one or two, a whole lot of seven sounds like a solid number for a messy babe.

4. Baby Blanket

Keep baby warm with a snug blanket. This video, from Panda Boop Creates, takes you through the process by using your Cricut and heat transfer vinyl to make a one-of-a-kind piece. You may even want to make a winter and a summer blanket to keep the baby covered all year long. Get it covered?

5. Onesies

Onesies make a parent’s life so much easier. We all know how difficult it can be to dress a baby who seems determined to avoid being dressed at all costs. Onesies make a tough job simple. This tutorial comes from the Sprinkled with Paper channel, and it clearly explains how to make bright and attractive onesies using heat transfer vinyl. 

6. Burp Cloths

Babies are forever slobbering and burping; parents’ pockets and bags are full of tissues to mop up the results. These easy-to-make burp cloths will come in very useful. But make sure to create a few of them–they will be in constant demand. Lorrie Nunemaker shows you how to make personalized burp cloths in this video using bonded fabric cut on your Cricut.

7. Bucket Hat

Emily the Mamacita is our guide as she shows you how to customize a baby’s bucket hat using iron-on vinyl. Dressing your baby in this cute hat will give them all the attention they deserve while protecting their tiny little face and head.

8. Diaper Bag Set

Jass Luxe will show you how to use your Cricut to make a gift that all parents appreciate and find useful. A diaper bag set is an ideal new parent gift with a diaper bag, blanket, bottle, onesie, and bib customized to the new baby.

9. Keepsake Shadowbox

A baby passes milestones quickly—their first tooth, first word, etc. Parents can record events from birth and keep track of them by framing them in this lovely keepsake shadowbox. Lotte Roach hosts us as she shows us how to make a gift that parents will treasure forever. 

10. Towels

Makers Gonna Learn has made another fantastic video detailing how you can personalize daily items. If you want your child to feel special, you can make them a personalized towel; the instructions are easy and adaptable to towels of all sizes. 

11. Baby Shower Invites

You may want to give the parents your gift at a baby shower; however, you could also offer to design the shower invitations yourself. Taking the time to plan will help the parents with their busy schedules. This video, from Craft-e-Corner.com, shows you how to make invitations that guests will treasure using your Cricut’s print then cut feature.

12. Tote Bag

Taking a baby out for a stroll can seem like planning a military expedition. Diapers, bottles, wipes, the list continues forever. Gift the parents this helpful tote bag to carry all the needed items. InsideOutlined shows you how to create a personalized tote in this easy-to-follow video.

13. Teething Ring

We know that babies are constantly exploring with their mouths. When infants begin teething, their emotional rollercoasters can drain a parent. A teething ring can be a great comfort to a grumpy baby; parents will endlessly appreciate you for the gift. Watch the video by Makers Gotta Learn to understand how to personalize a teething ring using wooden beads and soft silicone beads.

14. Nursery Mobile

A baby will spend hours watching butterflies fluttering in the air. A mobile hanging from the ceiling will make a great addition to any nursery and fascinate any baby. Follow the instructions on Dainty and Dapper, who will tell you how to make this beautiful mobile made with cardstock.

15. Wall Hanging

Wall hangings create a space that’s both personalized and attractive. Jennifer Maker shows you how to produce a large, colorful wall hanging that will have an immediate impact. Using multiple layers of vinyl wall hangings can be a breeze when placed directly on the wall or a canvas background.

16. Paper Baby Shoe Party Favors

DIY by Ces tells us how to use Cricut to make baby shoes made of cardstock, perfect for baby shower favors filled with sweets.

17. Birth Stat Elephant

Once more, we turn to Makers Gonna Learn for this idea that is both a cuddly toy and a keepsake. Personalizing your child’s toy has a sentimental value and will always be treasured. Use iron-on vinyl to add baby birth statistics and their name.

Wrapping Up

One of the best parts about using a Cricut is that it allows you to give your imagination free rein and create unique gifts that new parents will never forget.

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